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Thread: Anybody not stalking due to riots?

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    Anybody not stalking due to riots?

    Anybody living in the areas affected by the riots not going stalking? or out with their firearms for fear of being stopped by police with guns in your car or even worse being caught up in some of the trouble and having your car torched?
    Would you be taking all reasonable care of your firearms if you knowingly have to transport your guns through an area currently affected by the troubles?

    Discuss !

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    Thankfully, I live out in the sticks so haven't been affected by it. It looks pretty nasty from the news coverage though. The only signs of discontent around were when 6X hit £3.50 a pint...guess I should be grateful for small mercies!
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    absolutly shocking state of affairs £3.50, it's outrageous! anyway it's not a pint these days, it's about 475 ml
    All joking aside, if you've accidently driven yourself into trouble and are at risk of having your car jacked by these pillocks, what action would you take? how far would you go to protect your guns?

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    I have lived in London for the last 12 years most of it in south west or south east, never in my life here have i ever felt unsafe until last night.

    I was at home in SE London last night and my girlfriend called me that her bus had stopped somewhere strange because it couldn´t take the normal route. I knew where she was and jumped in the car to go and pick her up not 2 mins from my place.

    As i was driving up the road I started to see groups of hooded youths wearing face masks carrying empty shopping bags. I was aware that there was things going off around London but, nothing had been reported in my area. As i drove closer to the main street I started to see larger groups of unsavory looking characters and then when I arrived there it was a sea of hooded youths in ski masks standing on cars etc....

    I wasted no time in keeping ,my foot down and everybody quickly got out of the way, we were able to take the back way home and get there without an issue, they then went on to attack the police station and various shops etc... looting and burning.

    Despite what happened here last night I have to say that I feel that this "what action would you take? how far would you go to protect your guns?" is a loaded question if you´ll pardon the pun and I would advise that any F.A.C holder thinking about stating their feelings on the subject on an open forum should perhaps think twice.

    All the best

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    You boys should ask nicely to borrow some lads from NI to come over there and sort that business out. Couple of hundred riot hardened NI peelers with plastic bullet guns would soon put manners on that rabble...

    Chuck in a few water cannon for additional psychological benefit. It would all be over in a few hours.

    To make a serious point, all this human right ******** is taking this piss. The major problem is the policy of "containment", looks like the cops are forming a perimeter to box the rioters in, but then let them get on with it inside these confined areas. This is all well and good unless you are an ordinary person living, working, owning property inside these containment zones, the peelers are standing back while buildings are being torched.

    You need snatch squads to start breaking up the mobs and generally beating the sh!te out of the scum...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Bloody knackered I am!

    Spent all last night guarding the street - we blockaded the end of the road with vehicles, and stagged on with pick helves and foxing lamps in case the rioting spread, kept my rifle at hand in case it got hairy.

    Didn't see a copper all night either

    I mean, we live in rural hampshire, and its a mile to the village shop - but you never know, do you

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    Thank fully many on here live outside these troubled areas, I am one of those lucky ones. However whilst a discussion regarding rioting in London is not really about stalking, and that is what this site is about, I would advise a word of caution.

    Protecting ones property and our loved ones is something we all take as a priority. However I would advise caution about the answer you give on an open forum. As I have mentioned before a number of organisations keep an eye on sites such as ours, and let us not forget gentlemen and ladies that we are responsible people who own firearms for the purpose of enjoying and carrying out the sport we love, and in some cases are employed to undertake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Labrat View Post
    I mean, we live in rural hampshire, and its a mile to the village shop - but you never know, do you
    I know what you mean.

    The current spate of unrest has even reached as far as our sleepy Devon market town.

    Looters put the Argos branch windows in last night but left quickly when disturbed.

    Police were able to arrest all those concerned when they turned up this morning waiting for their numbers to be called.

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    how could I be out stalking.......Don't see how I can be in two places at once!!

    (tongue in cheek for those who have no sense of humour)(what a sad day this isto have to write this bit)

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    Sorry if i posed loaded questions, it wasn't my intention, i didn't mean to start a debate that leads to members making statements that may get them into trouble, but mearly wondered how people would cope in the position described by moses, which obviously is possible as it happened to him and COULD have been whilst he had his firearms with him? now personally had i been living in an affected area and been aware of such trouble, i think i would put off for the forseable future, going out with my guns, how would you explain the loss of your firearms in such circumstances to your FEO ?


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