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Thread: Anyone seen any clean red or sika yet this year?

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    Anyone seen any clean red or sika yet this year?


    I was at a friends deer park at the weekend and some of the red are already clean.

    I have been invited to a friends ground at the weekend and there are reds and a few sika on the ground.

    Has anyone seen any wild red or sika that are clean or part clean.



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    Sika are clean in Sutherland, Reds, still in velvet.

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    i shot a red stag friday still in velvet in cumbria

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    Shot a red stag Saturday past, still in velvet but the tops of the tines were tattered.

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    I have seen a lot of sika stags on us in the borders recently and all still in velvet, not one even looking like beginning to clean. Could be the colder weather further north bringing it on sooner???

    The weather with us on Sunday morning was more like October!!!

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    This evening's deer report from Forsinard included the sighting of a clean 10 point red stag. Regards JCS

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    First of my stags cleaned July 20th,( cast his old ones Feb 20th). All the others are now clean. Spikers are maybe 20% of them clean. Have de-antlered the main breeding stags; one had 17.5 kilos, rutting groups will be made up in 2 weeks time.

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