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Thread: Hello from Dumfries and Galloway !!

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    Hello from Dumfries and Galloway !!

    Hello ,
    I started getting into shooting from 17 years old with my mate allowing me into sheds with the .22 air rifle to control pigeons and rabbits. There on at the age of 18 I gained me shotgun and firearms cert and started helping out on an estate controlling roe and vermin. Gained fantastic experience and knowlede from the keepers there. Unfortunatly the keepers left the estate as the owener decided to sell it. I was kept on to manage the estate once the new owner was established. Another persons with firearms was brought in or brown nosed his way in and is clueless with firearms so I quickly jumped ship from there and due to work commitments have been out of the sport for a year although I have kept clay shooting on shot on other land I have. I have relocated due to work commitments. I recently got a new shiney pair of binos for my 21st birthday . Got myself insurance and am on the list for DSC 1. I hope to gain land and pherhaps a shooting buddy to help me or help him. I am a gas engineer as my day Job. Special police constable part time as well as the volunteer role as RNLI crewmember. Any questions on myself I will be happy to ask. Sorry for the late update, bit hard to work with a smart phone. Internet not being installed in the house until Monday folk! Cheers.

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    Welcome to the site and well done on your 2 voluntary roles...

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    Welcome to the site, your community spirit will certainly be welcome in this community.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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