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Thread: Training dogs to find deer ?

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    Training dogs to find deer ?

    Has anyone trained there dogs to hunt out slightly and track deer BEFORE shooting one ?

    I have seen lots about dogs tracking shot deer and bringing them down, baying them or just finding them dead, all a good job when you have a runner but does anyone use a dog to find the deer before shooting them ? Then tracking them down after a shot ?

    Just interested to hear what you guys think of this ?

    ALSO not really included but feel free to post some GWP pics lol, really like the look of these dogs

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    Haven't trianed GWP's to find deer for the stalker to shoot, but most will usually let you know when there's a beast near that you haven't spotted yet, usually by air scenting them or staring and sometimes pointing in the direction of the animal you havent seen.

    By the way I've got a litter of 6 GWP's available, only two weeks old at the mo.


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    lol cheers mate, I wish I could have one, I doubt I am experienced enough to train one yet though and also don't have the right circumstances at the moment.

    Hope they all turn out crackers and best of luck with them

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    They pretty much hunt along side you when at heel. Mine just stops dead in her tracks and points directly at the point from which the scent is coming. This is why when a stalking dog is walking to heel its allowed to stay slightly in front of you (only a foot or so) to save your scent ferking up the deer scent. Developing the shot deer tracking side of things reinforced the dogs natural hunting instinct.
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