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Thread: just taking the dog out

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    just taking the dog out

    hi all told her in doors last night im just taking the dog out for an seen a new buck in some wheat 3 days ago so thought id see if he was still there the wind was totally wrong tried calling to no avail so aftter 30 mins went for a walk got to edge of this wheat field and my lab stopped dead pointing. had a glass but nothing he new something i didnt.. so walked on 150yds when bang up pops the buck with a doe both disappearing into the next field which is full of beans so about 5' tall so i thought..anyway got the call out gave a few feeps and the buck comes steaming back in but wont stand still he is absolutly mad for it im barking at him but he goes around me a full 360 at about 30yds and back into the beans,, call again and same reaction he came back in but stands long enough for one in neck i should add that during the two years previous ruts i have had no luck with the call ,buttolo, ive shot plenty of bucks but have never had a reaction like this fantastic i was shaking like a sh@*ting dog.. quick gralloch and back to the wife within the hour.
    incidentally i tried to explain my joy to the wife at which she said 'what a deer came up to you and you shot it , evil bas***d never mind i was very happy and so was my lab Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	8452sorry no field photo my phone died on me
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    Very nice, another one for the book.

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