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Thread: Landrover - Defender vs. Discovery

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    Landrover - Defender vs. Discovery

    I have hit the same clutch problem with my '98 Defender 300 TDi three years in a row now and I think I'm going to call it a day. Much as I like it for its utility - it can carry and tow anything, anywhere without complaint, I'm not happy with this unreliability, so it's going to go.

    How does the older style / 2 series Discovery TDi compare? On road there is no comparison - the Discovery is smooth, quiet and comfortable, and I know that off-road it also behaves. Problem is, it just doesn't have the Defenders space for a load of firewood or a couple of fallow.

    How do others find it for carrying things? Can the fold up seats be taken out allowing sufficient room? Is there an off the shelf rigid, plastic floor covering for the Discovery, like those available for the Defender?

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    I had a 93 disco till it was stolen and used it for wood collection from the forest often.
    I had no 3rd row of seats in mine.
    Saab dropped this idea as any children riding there would be the first to die in a rear end shunt as there is no crush zone left.
    Disco has the same chassis as Defender except it has a 100 inch wheelbase vs 90 & 110 inch defenders but gives more elbow room and a modern body engineering architecture and ventilation (rusts like an old boat though).
    Defender will be gone next year anyway (cannot meet world safety specs anymore)

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    Old Discos are half the price of similar aged defenders and much more comfortable. A friend uses them for daily towing big feed trailers around his chicken farm - buys them for 1,000 and expects 12 to 18 months use before totally ..........

    Why don't Toyota sell the land cruiser pickup in the UK?

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    Someone actually stole a Disco UNBELIEVABLE

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Someone actually stole a Disco UNBELIEVABLE
    It's a new government scheme to reduce crime - once they've stolen it they have to spend so much time fixing it that they have no more time left to nick other stuff plus they spend all their drug money on spare parts.

    It also teaches them that nothing good ever comes to those who steal.

    From what I hear it hasn't been too successful as even the vast majority of hoods know not to nick a Land Rover - they know a government plot when the see one. From what I hear this is part of the reason for the recent riots in England - the really stupid ones who were stupid enough to nick a Land Rover are rioting for cheaper spare parts.

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    The fold up seats can be taken out in 15 mins, loadspace protectors cost 40-50 quid, i use two if i fold down the rear seats, carrying capacity - ive had four Red Stags in the back of mine, hope this helps.
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    Defender goes anywhere

    Discovery thinks about it!!

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    Just out of curiosity what has been the clutch problem with the Defender that you have hit every year? Never really heard of clutch problems with 300tdi. Have heard that you can buy cheaper clutch replacement parts that are just not up to the job and will fail.
    A good disco 2 will be quite hard to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthursc View Post
    Defender goes anywhere

    Discovery thinks about it!!
    Ive had several of both,without complaint, apart from fuel guzzling, but they are subject to "operator inadequacy".
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    Its not often people go from a defender to a discovery because of reliability issues.

    A lad I know who is also a member on here would probably PAY YOU to take his discovery off him, hes had a pretty bad run of luck with it. Just off the top of my head hes had 2 new airbags units, 2 ride height sensors, window regulator, aux belt tensioner, ecu issues, leaky sunroofs, stuck rear door... you get the jist of it.

    Itl be going soon I think
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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