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Thread: Hello from Idaho, USA

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    Hello from Idaho, USA

    I'd like to say hello to the members of the site. It is a great site and I hope to come to the UK some day for a hunting/filming trip. My name is Shawn Carlock, I am a custom long range rifle builder and tactical trainer in the US. I compete in many competitions from clays shooting to extreme range rifle field shooting. I enjoy almost all versions and techniques of hunting.

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    Hi shawn, welcome to the site! what do you hunt?

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    Welcome (again!) Shawn,

    I guess it is late afternoon over in Idaho? I suspect you wont be able to indulge in too much 'instant' chat on the forum. I'm sure that as & when you cross the pond there will be plenty of folk who will be happy to assist.

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    Welcome to the site - it will be interesting to hear your experiences from the US. I've hunted in Texas before but not Idaho....


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    Welcome, I think you will find a great bunch of people here and I hope you manage a trip over the water for a spot of hunting, we maybe a small country but we have alot to offer in the way of deer stalking.
    What do you hunt Mules and Whitetails or is there more on offer in Idaho?


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    Welcome aboard Shawn
    Look forward to hearing about your hunting Idho and about your custom rifle's

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    Big game hunting in Idaho is really good for most things. As a resident I can buy tags across the counter for whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, mountain lion, turkey, antelope, and of course all fur bearing and varmints varities. I can draw with good odds for moose, mountain goat & bighorn sheep. The seasons are fairly generous and hunting with archery, muzzleloader, handgun, and rifle are permited in general and special seasons. Primarily I hunt black bear, deer, and elk. I have started putting in for moose permit in a certain area recently. I'll try to get some Idaho hunting pics posted pretty soon.

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