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Thread: Muntjac Head, likely cost of head mount

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    Muntjac Head, likely cost of head mount

    At long last I got my first Munty this am. Head is now in the freezer. How much would it cost for it to be mounted and any suggestions to a suitable taxidermist in Bristol S West area?

    Many thanks


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    I paid 220 for my last one.

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    not sure on cost but its worth considering Claire at freedom taxidermy shes done some cracking deer mounts and some work for me im 100% satisfied.

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    Iv been quoted prices ranging from 210 - 300. I would recommend that you ensure you have seen the standard of their work before you go with them and to ensure that standard matches yours mate.

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    Colin Duntons ya man , cost about 250 i expect , he quick and good

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    Bill Bartlett on here does great work and SD members get a discount. He's just done a roe buck mount for me which can be viewed in the Photos section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    Colin Duntons ya man , cost about 250 i expect , he quick and good
    +1 on Colin - his work is absolutely top notch. I would only add that "quick" is a relative term

    In terms of price, for comparative purposes my roe shoulder mount cost somewhere around 350, though in terms of value I spend far more time admiring the beast than I do remembering what it cost.

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    I've got to say that Claire does some stunning work,as does BB,but not sure of the prices.


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