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Thread: 2nd young muntjac buck

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    2nd young muntjac buck

    So, thanks to some helpful advice from the forum yesterday I got my homemade highseat and other equipment ready for a post work dash to my little piece of paradise last night. I arrived at about 18:45 and lugged my highseat down to a suitable location amongst the trees. Was pretty nice spot actually, I could see a couple of well worn tracks and even some nice gaps through to the fields in case anything should pop up there. I quickly realised that my normal setting of 7x on the scope was way too much for what was going to be a 20 – 30m shot if I got the chance. I settled down for the wait and watched the colours through the trees change as we got a wonderful evening sun.

    After about 45 minutes the wood settled down after my arrival commotion, the rabbits reappeared and a young fox cub nosed in and around the base of the highseat.

    At about 20:45 I caught movement about 25m away. Bingo, a young buck was making his way through the undergrowth. I got the rifle on him and traced his path, waiting for him to turn broadside so I could get a shot off. Finally, when he was about 15m from the foot of the tree he turned, I gave a bit of a call to make him stop in his tracks and let off a round. He didn’t drop instantly, but maybe took a second before stumbling and hitting the floor. I waited a minute or so before jumping down and doing the pokey eye test. The entry hole was as expected about the size of a pencil, but upon turning the wee fella over I was shocked to see an exit hole the size of my fist – is this normal from a .243 at 15m???

    As the light was getting pretty crappy I quickly set to work on the gralloch – even with a head torch on and he up on a gambrel it was pretty tricky for a mere amateur such as myself. I still haven’t worked out how to do a munty’s arse hole efficiently yet.

    Anyway... beautiful little beastie in great condition. Not much in the way of pics a) because I only had my phone camera and b) because it was getting dark.

    He will be cooked alfresco in my new dutch oven in Norfolk this weekend.
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    sometimes if the bullet his a rib or bone it is inclined to create a larger hole. or sometimes i have even seen bulltes enter the animal the correct way but turn 180' and got throught like that. sometimes just get stranges one that do stranges things. nothing to do with the rifle or how close the animal was.

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    what bullets are you using??

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    Nice write up and a good result, I enjoyed your enthusiasm.



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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewT059 View Post
    what bullets are you using??
    100gn feds

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    Pete, at 15m a soft point is going to do maximum damage, nothing at all unexpected in a large exit like that. There is little meat on the front half of a munty anyway.

    Good result.

    Like I said the last time we "discussed" this, there is no substitute to getting into a seat and just being in the wood....

    Like the oven by the way, where did that come from?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Like the oven by the way, where did that come from?
    Thanks Brian!

    Dutch oven

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