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Thread: Muntjac within 50mile radius of Guildford???

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    Muntjac within 50mile radius of Guildford???

    I wonder if anyone can help?

    on my ground we have very few muntjac and generally all i have seen in the last three years is the waving tail of 4-5 that's it. I was determined to wait to shoot one on my ground but time has got me and ive decided to see if there is anyone on here who might be able to help me a bit quicker???


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    Hi Gavin,

    I strongly recommend that you give Jelen Deer Services a call. They have stalking on two fantastic estates with Munties on. Also Roe and Fallow. Call Mike Allison on 07707 118612 to book a trip. 150.00 for two 3 hour stalks, with the option of buying what you shoot, at Game Dealer rates.

    All the best


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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your post, Unfortunately I have lost all faith in Jelen/Mike i have contact him before about DSC 2 with a promise of a call back the following week, nothing,,, i sent two reminders, nothing,,,,,, we are now about 2 months on ,,, nothing.

    Therefore obviously wasn't that interested in my business and i wouldn't recommend Jelen to anyone because of that.

    Therefore heres hoping someone else has some Muntjac.


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    you could try PMing KevinF
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    GG33 send me your number via PM. I have some in North Hampshire.

    I am off to Austria tomorrow but back on Monday so I will contact you early next week.

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    If you contact Jason Hillyard on the Shuttleworth Estate in Old Warden Bedford he will be able to sort you out if you pm me i will give you his mobile telephone No


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    Send me a PM I have a good friend who has 12,000 acres in Northants with some cracking Munties and very reasonable rates, plus I can put you in touch with a very good B/B next to a lovelly village pub about 10 minutes from the ground.


    PS I take a lot clients there over the years.

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    Thanks Malcolm, i will give you a call in the coming days i still have your number i think from when you last helped me.

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    Hi there dont know if you got sorted or not in the end but you could always try Munty1 off this site hes friendly enough lol

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    I could sort this one out for you no problem,excellent refs available,or ask mark as above as he has stalked with me before and will give a honest opinion i hope!!

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