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Thread: Cleaning heads.

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    Cleaning heads.

    put your heads in a pheasant type feeder drum. Keep the lid off untill you notice maggots feeding then put the water tight lid on and leave for two weeks. The head will be strippped clean and left pure white. The maggots in my drum are still alive after 3 months. You just keep adding more heads.

    Best thing is with the lid on there is no smell.

    Natures own way


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    Thats a great idea, not one I've seen used before, but will probably give it a go.


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    A slight refinement of this is to skin the head before you let it get flyblown and remove eyes etc. This is quicker for the maggots to get at and doesn't leave mummified skin on the skul which is a pain to get off. Quick boil and peroxide after and they're perfect.

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    i have done many heads this way skin the head, remove the jaw,cut with a hand saw from the nose under the eye socket ,boil for 40 to 50 minutes .power wash it takes less than 5 minutes .clean no mess and a lovely trophy .also if keeping the head in a cold room for a bit skin it and keep it in a bucket of water .

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    Here's how I do it

    skin head

    Cut trophy

    Boil [untill meat is tender]

    Clean with pressure washer [takes minutes]

    Treat with peroxide

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    I've done plenty with the power washer method when preparing for clients but I think I'll give the maggots a try with my next personal trophy, I'm not in any hurry that way.

    Do the maggots strip all the fine nose cartalidge as well?


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    They seem to, When i done it last summer i didnt even skin them. I just put them into the barrel whole and the maggots done the rest. I think putting them in whole was the trick because when you take the head out after a month there is still food left in the drum for the maggots to feed on untill you give them another head.

    Whilst i agree there is better ways to do them last year i shot approx 30 bucks and wanted to try this method. I wont swap back this year.

    In my experiance the heads were coming out after one month and they were 100% clean and very white. They were covered in slime but after a quick rinse under the outside tap they were ready for cutting.


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    Any ideas onh ow could you adopt the feeder bin and maggot method for use on Fallow and Sika.

    Other than get yourself a bigger bucket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    Maggots what the f////// just boil them out
    Not everyone has a set up to boil with though (and sod doing it in the kitchen). Ok all you need is a big pan and a gas torch but maggots are free . I used to boil them out but i was shooting four of five bucks a week last season and it got a chore to do. By the time i had prepped them in the larder and tagged up ready for the game dealer and chopped up the waste for the dogs i just could not be arsed so i guess i went for the lazy option....


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