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Thread: The Kind Of Phone Call You Like to Get!!

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    The Kind Of Phone Call You Like to Get!!

    I got a call from my PH and business partner in RSA this mng. They were conducting a game capture for Kudu Cows last month on the conservancy he lives on and they only managed to get half of the required number. Instead of incurring the costs of another capture we got the permits to hunt them.

    The call went something along the lines of :

    Him: "Hi mate, we have about 20 kudu cows to hunt here, any chance you can get out here and shoot some?"
    Me: But I'm already coming out next week
    Him: Change your flights and stay on.
    Me: OK twist my arm.

    I had a similar conversation with the other three guys that are hunting birds with us for the previous two weeks so it looks like it will be a Kudu fest after the wingshooting-fest!!

    To say I'm excited is an understatement!!

    I will be posting some live reports if I can get the mobile broadband connection.


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    Do you want my number - great phone calls and sets you right up.



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    If the riots start up again and you can't get to the airport, give me a call.
    Look forward to some updates/pictures
    ATB Gaz

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    Sadly the flight changes to extend the trip were too expensive to the team is coming back as scheduled on 30th Aug. The good thing is that to change my flights so I can go early was only 65 and a 55 internal flight!! Looks like I'm South Africa bound tomorrow!! I'm culling some Kudu, (if Bosch Boy left any!! ) in Nelspruit for three days then I'm off to the free state for 10 days hunting game birds, doves, pigeons and wildfowl.

    I will try and post some pictures from over there if the data on my sim card allows it otherwise I will post on my return.


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    Enjoy and look forward to the pics.... one lucky beggar

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    Well I managed to get a couple of Kudu in the larder on the day of hunting I had. Virgin into Joburg was late so I missed my connection and missed the first day of hunting. I then went out on the Thursday and shot two Kudu cows.

    Friday I was given the opportunity to shoot greywing partridges over pointers, so I didtched the rifle and managed a morning with the dogs about an hour and a half away.

    The following ten days were spent in the free state bird shooting where we managed 3,500 head between 5 guns for the trip. Awesome shooting and great fun all round.

    I'll post some pics soon.


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