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Thread: Basic rifle handling

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    Basic rifle handling

    Anyone know of any basic rifle handling courses and where they can be done?


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    John, I know you wee talking about doing an intro to stalking course. Is rifle safety not included in that course.

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    BASC do a "Pre dsc level 1 day".

    It covers...

    "Rifle types and basic a rifle works...basic shooting positions...shooting on the range."

    It's a good course to do for the newcomer and a handy course certificate to have towards a first fac application.
    You also get a chance to try the shooting positions you have to do do for level 1 + get some help with it.


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    Do you know if you get to try different calibres as well?
    I am doing this course in October to put towards the FAC application.

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    it is alex but unfortunately it has been cancelled due to the weather. It has been rearranged for the 10 of Sept but I an keen to get started.

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    Sorry Hants but do not know what calibres I get to use.

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    Cheers fraser will look in to that.

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    I did a BASC Firearms Awareness Training day at Pulborough a few years back before applying for FAC. It was a good day, spent half in the classroom (only six pupils) and then after lunch the afternoon on a range. There were two people speaking/demonstrating. One was a BASC person and the other a Surrey FEO.

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    While this is not about deer, it is the first safety brief I got nearly 50 years ago, long before I handled any type of firearm.

    The words stand the test of time.

    Regards JCS

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    Thumbs up for the BASC Pre DSC1 course!

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