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Thread: Help for a beleaguered friend around Beeston, Nottingham!

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    Help for a beleaguered friend around Beeston, Nottingham!

    How do folks,

    I'm feeling sorry for my best man Peter He's taken on a business in Nottingham and is flat out at work all week, then at weekends he travels back home to Surrey where, understandably, his family is keen to keep him to themselves after he's been away.

    He hasn't been out stalking in a long while, in fact it's been 2 years since he shot his last deer! He's had a Roe buck and a Red spiker in the past. He's got his own rifle, but i doubt he'll take it up there with him out of the cabinet for a week, so he'll need to use an estate rifle. JUST SPOKEN WITH HIM, HE HAS A CABINET TO INSTALL UP THERE, SO HE WOULD HAVE HIS OWN RIFLE WITH HIM, .308 L96A1. He's a keen and gifted rifle shot, he's got 2 Queens Medals under his belt, and is exceptionally fit for a 52 year old.

    Is there anybody on the forum with any stalking near where he works in Beeston who might be able to take him out during the week for a fee or in exchange for a stalk or two with me in West Sussex or Norfolk?

    All the best and thank you in advance for any advice/offers!

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    hi would be more than happy to exchange some stalking have deer one hour from notts pm me your number

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