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Thread: This Mornings outing

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    This Mornings outing

    Sunday 06:00 am ....wake up

    picked up at 06:30

    my god its pretty foggy out there!!

    anyway after some driving around we spot a lame doe. Now this is probably the same lame doe i spotted about 5 months ago. So my supervisor says " its the little limper, take the shot....but as soon as i rest the gun on the door pillar i spot a buck.

    now instinct takes over and my aim is on the buck and not on the (out of season) crippled doe.

    The buck drops after 20 yards with a nice heart / lung shot.

    the doe ran off with another doe into thick dense forest.
    we did wonder if the priority should have been the injured doe then the buck or the other way around but after some discussion i felt within 2 weeks for doe season the likelyhood of seeing her again was very possible.

    i hate to see injured deer limping around but the fact that i seen the same deer or something very similar raises the question in my mind do i / we have the right to take an out of season animal if its injured.


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    Yes it is legitimate to end an animals suffering even if it is out of season.

    But it does pose some interesting questions, just because it is limping is it in pain or suffering,

    by culling a limping out of season doe are you aliviating suffering (the doe) or causing more (the dependant twin kids)

    Each case on its own merits and only you can decide if it is the right thing to do.

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    yip, i would of done the same thing, the doe has lasted this long so 2 weeks is nowt!!
    What scope covers are they? did they come witht the scope?

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    Nice morning and in my opinion you did the right thing.

    On another point I had a similar set up with bi-pod and sound moderator.I noticed a difference in point of impact when using or not using the bi-pod. Turned out that the rubber feet on the bipod when not it use were pressing slightly against the moderator. As the barrel was fully floated it was pushing the barrel slightly out of alignment and probably affecting the barrel harmonics as well.

    I cured the problem by putting some shims of moderator camoflage tape at various locations so that when the bi-pod was not being used the rubber feet were clear of the bi-pod.

    Simple really but had me going for a while.


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    The swivel models of Harris bipods have a stop for the legs when folded. This stop can be bent so that the legs have more clearance between the barrel or mod when folded.

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    as 300 says, each deer is different and as that one had been seen months earlier, and as long as the body condition had not deteriorated then she will be fine.

    A few years back I had a doe that limped off with a set of twins. As I had not seen her as a kid, I assumed that she had been cought up and ripped her leg off, or a poor shot from someone had caused it. I left her that year, the following year I seen her with another set of twins. I left her till the end of that year for the twins sake. Previously, I had got into 25yds and could still not tell what was wrong other than a missing lower front leg. When I shot her, she was pregnant again, her body condition was excellent.

    It was a deformed leg, she had a tiny lower leg with what we would call a club foot. I may have photos but I dont think so. I should have got some as this I expect is going to be pretty rare.


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    I had a similar situation last year, shot a roe buck with a club foot as described above. perfectly healthy, good weight and healthy coat had a doe with him and all.

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    Hi All,
    If you shoot deer with club feet can you please take lots of photos and post them, also could you save them and pm me so I can get my hands on them. Club feet in horses is hereditary so would be interested in deer.

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    Nice buck xim, whats a club foot if you dont mind me asking ?

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