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Thread: Its can of worms time.

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    Its can of worms time.

    As per the title, I'm in the market for a new jacket and trousers for stalking. Must be warm enough for winter, don't really mind about summer as I just wear thin gear atm.

    For the last 5 years I've had a set of the Deerhunter jacket and trouser combo's, they've lasted well enough but were relatively pourous this last winter, so they've got to go !

    Looking for a set for no more than 400, none camo. Must have a hood included and not an optional extra (like my Musto jacket)

    Recommendations please lads and lasses.


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    Not sure what the cost is these days but the Nomad Stealth is excellent! Have a search on the forum, lots of threads!

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    If your deerhunter stuff has lasted well over the years why not get another set, ram jacket and pants are a good buy at the moment, the polar rusky bib and braces will keep you toastie in the winter also, and stop your back getting cold when sitting. Now of my deerhunter stuff has leaked yet. The outer fabric can hold water but its never got through, just my $0.02

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    I love the Jahti Jakt clothing - top quality gear and not too expensive.

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    i would stay clear of the seeland gear, my so call waterproofs actually lets in quite a bit of water

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    Just bought a full set of Nomad UK Stealth Tweed - the Hooded Smock and Stalking Salopette. Been out in torrential rain this past few weeks with no leaks whatsoever. Quiet, comfortable, non-camo - ideal for my purposes.

    I know they're out of your budget brand new, but they may come up second hand. As a wise friend of mine once said - "buy once, cry once". It applies to clothing as well as optics!

    Good luck in your search

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    I've got Laksen Buffalo trousers and Laksen jacket, bought as a set last winter for 250, they seem very good so far.

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    I've just bought a pair of trousers from Country covers and am considering the jackets next. In your budget, got plenty of good reviews, apparently a 4 year no quibble warrenty.
    I had a long chat with them because I wanted something that would put up with me crawling on my hands and knees and not let in water..............But enough about my sex life
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Ridgeline smock or kammo kodiak both have never let in a drop
    atb Graham
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    Harkila pro hunter all the way best I have had . And yes I did get the jacket and trousers for under 400

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