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    Mauser 66

    Hi All

    Has any one either owned or used a Mauser 66 in any calibre. I have seen one for sale and wondering what they are like.
    Of course I own a Mauser M03 and it is a superb piece of kit and have owned Mauser 98 based rifles and again loved them but never a 66.
    Any comments would be most welcome.
    Many thanks

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    Yes. The Mauser 66 is an interchangeable barrel system rifle. It has an unconvential bolt.
    There was 3 groups covering different calibres decided by the diameter of the bolt face.

    I had a 5.6X61 VomHofe Super Express and also a .30-06 barrel to interchange with it.
    Unlike most rifles the scope is on the barrel and not on the rifle action thus you can interchange a unit complete with its own scope.

    When we were restricted to .22cf rifles in Eire from 1972 to 1993 I used that 5.6 which a had muzzle energy equal to that of a 7X57 .
    It had a twin trigger set system also.

    This was an excellent rifle.
    Regretably I sold it to buy a new .270 when their calibre ceiling was raised to .270 and now I believe all normal stalking calibres are permitted there.


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    Mauser 66 rifle with Co.Wicklow silver- medal Sika stag.
    For the purists my stalk is over and the rifle is empty.

    Extra. This is a Model 66 with single trigger in .270 calibre.

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