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Thread: Target-the largest predator in Bulgaria

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    Target-the largest predator in Bulgaria

    The import of bear trophies from Bulgaria in the EU is permitted again. Just the proper papers (CITES) are needed but we provide them. The availability of bears in Bulgaria is very good from hunter's point of view. Though this kind of game is distributed only in certain areas. Few hunting grounds provide permission for bear hunting. That is why the shooting of trophies below 350 points CIC is seldom allowed. The good preparation guarantees nearly 100% hunting success. Usually a decoy is used. The best hunting period is during the spring.
    8 travel days / 7 days ALL IN / 6 hunting days
    Price per hunterEURO 1.900
    Additional hunting dayEURO 285
    Non-hunting companions EURO 680, additional day - EURO 90
    All papers (Veterinary-, Cites- and Export papers etc.)
    Pick up at the airport
    Accommodation in single room
    full catering plus all kinds of soft drinks and beer
    Hunting guide 1:1
    Land transport by 4-wheel drive vehicles within the hunting area
    Bulgarian hunting license and insurance
    Preparation and evaluation of the trophies
    Trophy fees according price list
    Alcohol drinks
    Tips, personal expenses
    Hunting grounds:
    APRILTSI and ROSICA - two neighbour hunting grounds in the BALKAN CHAIN,
    15.000 ha each, coniferous forests predominant, mountainous, very
    luxurious hunting residences. Red deer and wild boar are hunted along with
    bears. 2,5 hours by car (from Sofia).

    For more information

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    hi your website doesnt give the trophy prices for bear.
    Born to hunt, forced to work.

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    Hi you must see better!!

    Brown Bear - URSUS ARCTOS L.

    300,00 pts.
    4500 €

    350,00 pts.
    4500 €
    40 € *
    400,00 pts.
    6500 €
    45 € *

    400,00 pts.
    8750 €
    80 € *
    *Remark - Each subsequent point

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