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Thread: When is the harvest going to get going?

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    When is the harvest going to get going?


    Rape was cut two or so weeks ago and then instantly platered in slurry so very short chance to shoot 2 foxes. One afternoon decoying in very hot still conditions, got 75 so not too bad. Now waiting for wheat to be cut, they tried on Tues but still not ready and its now raining so no chance till next week. Maize is head height and we are still awaiting grass to be cut for organic hay.

    They cut 3 fields on Tues, went out saw 2 very wary foxes, no chance, same thing Weds am. I expect it will be baled and off by now.

    Travelling along A303 in some areas lots cut, others huge acrages to be cut. Appears it will be a very protracted affair.

    Poor farmers up North, parents have had days of continious rain in the Borders, so combining has completly ceased.


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    a lot of fields around our way seem to have been cut,and ploughed over in the same week for some reason,normally leave the stubble for acouple of weeks.

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    It's all cut round yeer.
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    We are crackin on with it round here in Kent ooppps its rainin again
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    all done here whole farm rape good yields too ,all cultivated and going into wheat could be worse BEANS arrhh hate em ,hunt coming monday early will keep you posted what they find

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    nothing done for the last 10days round here a bit of rape and winter barley cut before that but weather has been >>>t

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    My favourite farmer has promised to text me when the jump-leads come out for the combine... wet here all week.

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    One farm complete (winter barley), fields ploughed and ready for seeding, others not started (winter and spring barley), another started but rained off.

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    Barley cut here, and scuffled, but no OSR cut at all. Maize nice and high. Rain on and off stopping harvest, but when they start it comes off very quickly.

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    My son is on a grain drier in Hampshire, and he says it's slow going. Most of the OSR is in, but not all, stop/start on the oats, with wheat and barley still to go.

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