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Thread: Tick Removal (dogs)

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    Tick Removal (dogs)

    Not having had to do it for several years (no dog ) my new Spaniel now 20 months old picked one up while dogging in on Saturday morning.

    I noticed it when we went Fowling in the evening, I thought I would leave it until we got home and get the Tick Remover gizmo on it.

    While we were waiting for the flight, (which never happened ) I noticed it fall of him, and no I didn't touch it, but it was only the body didn't see a head, he has been Frontlined and is due to be again shortly.
    I am keeping an eye on where it was.

    Now other than a Tick tool (which I have )what other methods are acceptable/safe, my missus says the vets book she has says to put Surgical spirit on a tick to kill it, I say not a good idea.
    Whats the consensus of you guys and girls about this

    Morena what say you,


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    Hi Brian,
    Keep an eye on the spot where the tick was attached as if Frontline up to date it would have killed the tick. If the tick was knocked off may have left head in dog. Most dogs cope with this and nothing happens, occasionally reaction. In which case hot towel held on spot brings more blood there and will resolve. Carry on with Frontline regime but don't get dog wet before had chance to soak in. If you do find a tick attached give a squirt of Frontline directly onto the tick,it will die and drop off in a day or 2.
    Neither of the shoots where I beat/pickup have started yet, next month 8th first then thick and fast.

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    Whats your take on the White spirit idea?

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    Hi Brian,
    White spirit is irritant to the skin as a petrolium/naptha compound. Would also be irritant to dogs mouths when licked.
    Surgical spirits is basically methanol/ethanol/methyl salicylate/diethyl phthalate plus castor oil/water.
    Good for backs/legs on humans but no no on dogs.

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    My fault, I should of said Surgical Spirit

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