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Thread: Lever Action rifles?

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    Lever Action rifles?

    A question on said rifles, are they any good for UK Deer?

    I ask because although right handed I have to shoot off the left shoulder (eyes) now I have looked a the price of a left hooker bolt action, on Guntrader 800 upwards Lever action 495 both .308


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    what sort of mag has the lever got?


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    Across the pond Winchester is very well respected with its Model 88. Being a lefty myself I had a long hard look whilst being there, but ended up with a Rem 700 VSF left-handed. And yes, that one is still there

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    Winchester 88's are a bit of a collectors gun but a Bowning BLR (detachable magazine fed) is a popular hunting rifle here in Montana. I have not owned a Browning. Savage Model 99's are fine rifles as well; in fact, they have a M/S style rotary magazine in some models. Detachable in others. ~Muir

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    I started deer hunting over 25 years ago with a Marlin 336 30-30 lever action, and though I have a safe full of guns in other calibers and actions, I still believe that a lever action 30-30 is truly all I really need.

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    Great photos, I take it thats a definite yes for the Lever action then

    The Browning BLR and a couple of others have a box mag so they can use Spitzer rounds ( been reading Chuck Hawks site)


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    Brian, there is now a new round developed specially for lever actions with tube mag's, where the bullets are fitted with a soft tip so the bullet of one round can't ignite the primer of the one in front of it. I think they call it .308 Marlin Express????
    If you do a seach on the above mentioned rifles you'll see a lot of positive comments!
    Good luck, Rene.

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    I think its called Hornady Lever Revolution (or LEVERevolution)


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    Thanks for the correction mate, I wasn't sure

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    Those are some fine looking deer. Out of interest, what scope is it that you have on your rifles? On one it looks like a Leupold and on the other a Zeiss?


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