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Thread: Sako finnfire magazine

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    Sako finnfire magazine

    Hi looking for a spare magazine for my .22lr sako finnfire
    *any capacity*


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    Hi Daz, You'll be lucky mate. I have the original five shot and a spare ten shot magazine
    The spare cost well over thirty quid
    When the RFD told me the price, I thought he was flogging me another rifle to go with it

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    I've already got a 10 shot mate but want a "backup" incase i lose it!!
    So i'm not fussed if its a 5 shot or another 10 shot mate.


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    Strange thing was I had to order my spare and it took ages before it arrived.
    You'd think any RFD that stocked Sako would have spares wouldn't you.

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    i have a couple of 10 shots new in stock if your interested.


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    Can you drop me a pm with a price posted please??


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    Why PM, is the price secret ? there may be others reading this that may not need one but if the price was right may find it handy to have an extra, myself included.
    Kieth, did you have any luck contacting a supplier for the mounts we discussed.
    I have just go another for my spare .243 barrel at the price we spoke about.
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    Ok then how much for the 10 shot mag posted??


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    Quote Originally Posted by Russian Sniper View Post
    Ok then how much for the 10 shot mag posted??

    I am away at the moment will let you know when i get back.


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