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Thread: Beretta goretex jacket

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    Beretta goretex jacket

    After dropping half a stone and therefore a jacket size i have decided to sell my beretta dwp goretex jacket in realtree AP. it is a size large (approx 42 inch chest). these jackets retail at around 200-250 (my new one in medium was 270!). It really is an excellent bit of kit.... i would definately say better than the Harkila pro-hunter jacket!! you should find it on the beretta website or glasgow fieldsports website. It may even be in john norris catalogue. it has been worn about a dozen times in total and is in mint condition.

    I'm looking for 85 plus postage.

    pm me if interested


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    steve i will have the jacket mate text me your post code i will have a trip up cheers

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