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Thread: laser genetics

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    laser genetics

    Just wondering if anybody have used one
    Me and me mates have been offered one here in Derby on discount !
    Me smell a rat
    I remember a lot of interest some time ago and now nobody mentions it at all

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    If it's for foxing from talking to people you should go for the nd3x50 model, not personally used one or spoke directly to someone who has.


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    What model is it mate? if it's the ND3x50 i've been using a mate's one and found it very good once you've located a fox, so i scan with a normal lamp and once i've located i flip on the laser and nail the bugger.
    I dont like to scan with the laser as wherever you point it you also point the gun(to state the obvious)?
    If it's going for the right money, i'd certainly be interested, shame you wern't closer, i'd 've been happy to demonstrate my mate's and relieve you of this one at the right price
    It's one of those marmite things, you'll either love it or hate it!
    One thing i will say though, it's good way out beyond the distance that i'm comfortable shooting foxes at, with my Zeiss duralyt, clear identification is absolutly no problem at 400yds but unlike a normal lamp there is no outfall from the beam so if you have the beam wound down tight,anything that sits 1ft outside of it, you will not see, like sheep or cattle wandering into shot?


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