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Thread: difference between a neck sizing die and a collet neck sizing die

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    difference between a neck sizing die and a collet neck sizing die

    Is there a difference between a neck sizing die and a collet neck sizing die?

    If so, what’s the difference?


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    There is quite a difference. With an ordinary neck sizing die the neck is forced into a space which slightly undersizes the neck, then the inside of the neck is sized correctly as the expander ball is pulled out of the case, some lube should be used inside and outside. Obviously the case body and shoulder are not touched. With a collet type die the neck is squeezed around a rod which resizes the inside of the case neck, the collet has 4 spring loaded sections which are squeezed by a cone which sits above it. As the press lever is lifted the pressure comes off the case and the brass 'relaxes' enough to withdraw without any effort. No lube is needed in these dies. I hope that makes sense.
    I use almost exclusively Lee collet dies, mainly because I don't like crap all over my hands. I do think that I get more split necks when using these,especially with older cases. I have never mastered the art of annealing brass.

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    Thanks for that comprehensive reply, Jeffrey, much appreciated. This brings me onto my next question....

    What are the advantages of one over the other?

    I already have some redding dies that i get on well with in .243 but looking for the 3 set for .30-06
    Lee (including Collet neck die) = £35
    Redding (nornal Neck die) = £55

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    The only advantage of the collet dies really is no lube. As for the choice you give, in terms of quality, the price probably says it all. Having said that, I use Lee collet dies in 3 cals. and I get on well with them, I use an ordinary neck die in another cal. without any problems. I can only suggest that you 'suck it and see'.

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    Lets not forget that the collet die does not have a conventional expander-ball to drag out of the neck so you get less sizing wear on the brass. (equaling longer case life) ~Muir

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    Another type of die to consider is:

    This die has the option to remove the expander ball (which is what I do).

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks for the input guys, I have ordered the Redding Deluxe 3 set. Got one on Flea-bay from the States. Little bit more but the step up in quality is significant.

    Thanks again

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