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Thread: Scope for driven boar. Help needed please

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    Scope for driven boar. Help needed please


    I need to get a scope suitable for driven boar that does not break the bank as it will not be used that frequently.

    I have seen some old posts

    What scope for driven boar

    John from Yorkshire roe stalking has sung the praises from the one detailed in the above link.

    I have a Tikka T3 and wonder if anyone can tell if I will need an adapter to fit the rail.

    This is the link to the e bay item

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

    It does not seem to say in the e bay add which rail size it would fit.

    Can anyone help or offer any other low cost but reasonable quality alternatives?



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    Ross, that one fits on a standard Weaver rail - did on my Mossberg anyway.

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    I'm in the same boat as you, got my first boar trip booked this winter and taking a T3.

    What I decided though is that the scope (and mounts) is one of the few small things that could ruin the trip. The package is costing quite a bit, why spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar?

    If your ebay special failed and you were forced to make do with a borrowed clunker you'd be kicking yourself for months. Worse still you could you could see lots of pigs, fire loads of shots without connecting then get home and find it was the scope that wasn't holding zero.

    I've ordered a Zeiss Z-Point and a Third Eye rail for my rifle which came to more than I wanted to spend but I won't have any niggling worries about my kit letting me down.

    There's a little Simmons 1.5-5 x 20 Pro diamond scope on airgunbbsfor 65, thats got to be a better deal than a dodgy chinese knock-off?

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    I use a meopta meosight II shoot it with both open just like a shot gun parallax free very quick for target acquisition up to 70- 80 yards 350 and the size of a small match box yours martyn56

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    I'm not an expert even though I do gob off a bit !! but, I have seen 25 Chinese copies do the same job as my 1.7k Schmidt Zenith 1.2-4x24 flashdot.
    I have also seen the 'cheapy chink' get knocked off the rifle in the vehicle but that was because it wasn't stowed properly, whereas something more substantial would not have been effected.
    Whatever you choose to pay is dependant on your pocket, the main thing is that it is best to have a very low magnification to enable you to get a wide field of view so that you can aim with both eyes open.
    For the odd trip, or even your first trip, just in case you decide Driven Boar is not for you, a normal 'Scope as used for Deer or Fox is OK as long as you can use it at it's lowest magnification of 3. Anything higher is not allowed in some countries and, although you could get away with it, it is not the best for moving targets.
    There are so many to choose from and quite frankly some of these 'cheapy chinks' are quite effective.
    A guy went on the same trip as me last year and he used a red dot sight that cost him around 50 on his Tikka T3, he had never been before and ended up shooting three !!

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    I have also looked at the Vortex Strike fire at a local gunsmiths. It does cost 135 but can be mounted using my existing mounts.

    The gunsmiths advised that I can mount it using 1 ring mount, which from the video on youtube seems to be OK.

    This seems like it may be a viable option, has anyone else tried one?



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    Nobody has mentioned iron express sights?


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    I used to use a edgar brothers red dot tube sight but just this week have swaped it for a Leuopould VR-6 1 like this one zeroed it in last night and it is the dogs nut's at low power you can shoot with both eyes open and also have the zoom facility if you need it .Gmk are not importing this scope so i had to order it from the US.
    Only fault is that it did not come with scope covers is this the same for all Leoupolds or just this one?
    for around 300 though a great scope.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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