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    Deer Lawn

    Just a heads up for the King's deer lawn mix, it has been a better than great success.
    Deer just love it though wasn't sure at first as it looked a bit patchy and sparse.
    Any way on advice from kings i topped it a couple of times, now its as thick and lush as you could get.
    Would certainly recomend it anyway. DF

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    Where did you get the mix for that?

    I have got the ideal place for that?



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    Stupid question on my last post how about from "Kings Crops"

    60 per acre/13kg.

    Kings Crops



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    Double Four . The lawn looks very good ,can i ask what work did you have to do to achieve the results you have ? What method did you use ?


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    Double Four . The lawn looks very good ,can i ask what work did you have to do to achieve the results you have ? What method did you use ?

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    What deer species are coming to your lawn?


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    DF, that looks a splendid crop! I hope your reds appreciate your hard work

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Your deer lawn looks fantastic DF. I would be very interested to know if you find that the deer prefer any of those plants in particular and if any of them get eaten right out. I appreciate it will be some time before you get this info but it would help me a lot. This year I included chicory again in a reseed field. Previously the deer were so keen on it that they grazed it to extinction in 18 months. The variety this time is Puna and it seems slightly more bitter and is surviving ok so far. I am sure that a diverse mix of plants is the way to go; some of the deep rooted ones probably bring up minerals that are not found in the more shallow rooted "normal farm grass" species. I wonder if you will notice improvements in weight and general health.

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    The deer lawn was part of a bigger project and really just a suck it and see, all i did was power harrow the existing ground (rough grass ) cast the seed with a tillage spreader and rolled it.
    Any thistle etc that came up afterwards i spot sprayed with round up .
    The dry weather was a aginst it but the ground is quite peaty and damp , the advice from Richard Barnes at king's was top it a couple of times which has worked a treat .

    As to which deer prefer it a maybe too early to say, but from my observations the red's go mad for it roe do use it a lot but are picky and seem to move over it more quickly.
    They are the only species of deer i get , but suppose it would work on them all.
    All the deer look in great condition to my novice eye, although i do send the odd vid to a kind retired pro stalker on SD so far he has given them the ok so well chuffed with the outcome and certainly worth the effort. DF

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