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Thread: Remington 700 VSSF .223Rem

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    Remington 700 VSSF .223Rem


    50 Grain V-Max
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    HI, looking to get my first .223 after deciding to sell my .220 Swift as I am short of cash and rounds are too expensive, can't get better deals where I live but you can in other areas according to friends of mine. This looks ideal for me. I assume scope not included so could you suggest what sort of scope might be best for this calibre with intention of very long range bunnies and foxes.

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    Hello bills, sorry scope and pod not included, it is wearing a Leupold Mk4 Long range which is great reaching out there for bunnies and will be going on my new rifle. To be honest any of the higher end scopes, Leup, Zeiss etc with up to x20 mag will set this rifle off perfectly for what you want.

    Can transfer to your RFD no probs.

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    Sold pending payment

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