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Thread: Camouflageing weapons

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    Camouflageing weapons

    Anyone used a commercial product, or done a DIY with some airfix paint
    and an airbrush. Thinking of doing my shotgun, which is long and black.

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    check this guy out he the only registered Duracoat dealer in the Uk i believe. the are some fantastic finishes on the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis H

    They dont like sending it out of the USA, they wouldnt send my mate the coating and the shipping charge is huge because of the chemicals. Minimum charge is $150.

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    Just copied a mossy oak pattern on a jacket. Looks pants now due to wear and tear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyr.308
    Looks good, but the down side is it comes off and isnt corrosion resistant.

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    that if they are that close to see they are dead! just good old Sandbag canvass does the trick! Paint it whatever colour , and dead cheap!!

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    This is a bit off the wall but...

    I have a mate in Tamworth that has a vehicle signage business, he specialises in vinyl wrapping. (and other sticker bits n bobs) This wrapping is like you would see the graphics on london Taxis that have pictures/images on them all over the vehicle. I am sure he could print a photographic (real)grass/moss/undergrowth pattern on a large sheet of self ahesive vinyl, that you could cut and apply to your weapon, the great thing is it could be easily removed with a hair dryer and is really resilient to the elements and any rubbing wear.

    You would have to cut a paper pattern to fit to your gun components, trace it onto the printed sheet, cut it out and apply it but I am betting with a little care it would look supurb !

    It could even be removed without damage to the weapon allowing you to maintain its resale value. Plus if damaged, just replace the section !

    Is this a mad idea or just perfect?.

    I suppose if there were popular makes/types of weapon he could make a pre-cut pattern set but obviously the cost of this would increase to that of a DIY sheet !

    If you think its of interest I will give him a call with the proposed idea. Then he can talk about cost etc.


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    All ready avaliable from the US, but only in realtree.

    Both scopes have it on.

    Best rgds


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