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Thread: Altberg V Lowa

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    Altberg V Lowa

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience of both of these boots?

    I've had a pair Lowa's before, literally done 1000's of miles in them - but always welcome a change and they are a little heavy. I'm not keen on high leg boots and like flexibility in the sole for crouching/kneeling shots.

    I've tried the Altberg Tethera - great boot but too stiff for me.

    So I've whittled it down to:

    Altberg Warrior Aqua Microlite MkII - Altberg Bootmakers - Richmond, North Yorkshire

    or Lowa Mountain GTX - LOWA Mountain GTX

    but possibly the Sepia version, but have a few doubts about Nubuck?? - LOWA Mountain Sepia GTX

    The Lowa's can be found for about £40 cheaper too...

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    I have no experience of Lowa's, but bought a pair of Altberg Velthags following a recommendation from one of the ex forces guys on here. I've had them for two seasons now and have been delighted with them. They feel as light and comfortable as my old pair of Brasher's, but are higher and more supportive.

    I don't think you'll go wrong with a pair of Altbergs.



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    You can get your Altbergs tailor made for free! Love mine had Altbergs for about 15 years!

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    I haven't used or seen the models you've mentioned mate, but i tried: Issued, Danner, Lowa, Lundhag, Scarpa and Alt-Bergs over 14 years in the forces. The last 8 years of that time i wore Nothing but Alt-Berg. I still use them, Defender microlites mainly, but my Desert boots are great in the summer. I didn't touch Gore-Tex lined boots while i was in. They keep water out until it spills over the top during a deep puddle crossing, then does a fantastic job of holding it inside the boot while your feet stew on a long tab. But nowadays, I'd probably have it. I've got 4 pairs of them in total, and can't see anybody convincing me that there's a better option. They do half sizes and something like 5 different widths at the toe. Plus, if you have issues with your feet, i.e. one bigger than the other, they'll build you a pair of boots from the ground up to accommodate your personal dimensions. All of their boots are re-soleable and they can also repair damaged ones, so it's not always the end for your favourite, comfy walking/stalking boots if you split the leather or pierce the lining.

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    I have used both boots and I didn't get on with the Altbergs in fact I think I still have them somewhere I used them for a week or two and went back to my Lowes I did find though Hanwags a great boot maybe a nice alternative. I have just check the cupboard and the Altbergs I have are the peacekeepers and have no wear on them and still quite stiff!!

    If you can go to the Altberg factory and try them on or have a set made to your feet (maybe I would have found them better)

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    Altberg's can be resoled, I have found to my cost that not many other makes of boot can be.

    I rate Lundhags, wore them for years. In the cold and wet there is no finer boot, not so good in the warm.

    Lowa and Hanwag produce good boots at reasonable prices.

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    Lowa by a mile, like slippers no need to break them in

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    I have used both. Lowa is by far the better boot. They can also be re-soled. Never used for stalking though but my current pair of Lowa's are now 4 years old and the leather still looks new after worn almost daily. You will get far more mileage from them over the Altberg's.

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    Altbergs piss over every other boot you care to mention. I've either worn or seen practically every 'gucci' boot, all have had their flaws and practically all will fail long before you need to re-sole the Altbergs. The short 'in-service' guys may have joined with others, but soon ordered the same.

    If you are prepared to wait, take the oppertunity to get them measured for your feet.

    The only other boot i would recommend without reservation are Lundhags but being a 'wet' boot, they are a different animal entirely.

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    I splashed on a pair of Altberg GK highmoor boots £200.
    Top of the range, wanted to buy british.
    Spoke to them as I have wide feet they recommended these. They were still too narrow and gave me painfull bunnions, as for the sympatex premium grade waterproof lining forget it , dewy grass for 100 yards would see you with wet feet. The sole was very hard which was both stiff and noisy. Wore them for a few months kept on persavering but they got no better, gave them away to a sculpturer mate who wears them for work, he's chuffed to bits with them. My miendls are waterproof, wide enough and quiet/flexible.

    Just to say try them first before you buy or make sure you can send back if not enirely satisfied,

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