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Thread: Sportsman Gun Centre..

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    Sportsman Gun Centre..

    as i was working down cornwall last week i thought i would call in at the exeter store on the way and have a butchers for a new realtree fleece to replace the ***** swedteam one i sent back after christmas, anyway whilst in there i thought i would ask if they had, or could get any turret caps for my s&b as i stupidly left them on the bonnet of the pick up whilst zeroing the spud gun and yes you guessed it drove off.. now after asking the glos gun company where i brought my two rifles from and being told they would be 20 each, yes thats right, EACH and three follow up phone calls to no avail the chap in the shop said he would make a few phone calls and see what he could do, knowing full well that i did not purchase my scope from there. well this morning i recieved a phone call telling me that he had got a pair sent to the shop he would put them in the post FREE of charge now i know that the sportsman have had a bit of bad press on here i must say i dont think you would get better service than that anywhere. i would like to say a huge thank you to the chap in the shop(sorry cant remember his name) and i know when the time comes for me to buy a new rifle i know where i will be buying it from, even it it does mean a two and a half hour drive...
    thumbs up for the sportsman exeter!!!
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Good news mate!!
    I had the wrong steyr magazine for my .308 i give em a bell and the guy in the exeter shop said send it in and we will exchange it for the right 1 !!!
    Hadn't bought the gun from em and have never even been in the shop !!!

    Brilliant service!!!


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    It couldn`t have been Clive, he wouldn`t have let you leave without you spending at least a couple of thousand!!
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    As above bought two rifles and a 5 shot Browning, Leopold VXIII scope, loads of reloading gear and never had bad service from them. Only bought my Sauer 202 from Macleods because he was doing a seriously low price. Often see posts on here which can easily destroy a company and be slanderous as well, also had good deals with Riflecraft as well, I can only tell it as it is. deerwarden

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    I bought all my deerhunter gear from them and never had any problems either

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    as i already posted last week good service from dorset ,a downside to the internet is bad news travels sooooo fast retail in whatever be it guns ,food ,clothing is full of pitfalls with the different personalities involved ,good news should travel just as fast tooooo

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    I've never been into a branch but have used their mail order service a number of times. They are very cheap, but slow on delivery. Everything has always arrived eventually!

    I'm happy with slow and cheap!

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    I am glad to hear that some at least have gotten service from them. All I can say is that I was not one of them and have tried several times using them. Twice have had to return stuff as it was faulty. This reputation for poor service is not new at the Sportsmans....................... not by a long chalk, I November/December 1997 after finally receiving the compensation for my pistols I was looking for a new .308 rifle. After trying a few out of other club members and thinking hard about what I was looking for I decided to get a Brno ZKK 601 Std. Of course they had just brought out the 550 model and I did not like the styling or stock as much so started visiting gunshops and phoning round to find a new ZKK 601 Std. Found a few Deluxe ones wit the monte carlo stock but I wanted the std with it's rounded forestock and straight comb.

    On buying Gunmart I noticd Sportsman Gun centre advertising just what I was looking for so phoned them to check they actually had some/one and that it was indeed new.. Bad reports of really badly knocked about rifles being passed off as new were already circulating I might add. Hence the caution on my part. Driving down to view seeing as how that would be an all day affair was not really an option unless they really had what I wanted.

    Now I have not idea whom I spoke to now but to sy they lost a potential customer is a gross understatement! On telling him what i was after his reply was:-

    Oh you don't want one of THOSE .................. no you really want one of these..... and he preceeded to tell me that I really wanted some Weatherby vanguard or what ever they had got a clearance deal on.
    Now I had spent some time actually trying out various rifle makes and models and whittled it down to this Brno ZKK 601 as it had the features I wanted, was comfortable as it fitted me and in my experience they usually shoot well. To say is peeved me is somewhat of an understatement. So I kept looking and was frankly quite frustrated and was telling John who works in F.A. Anderson of East Grinstead which was my local shop about it when he says :-

    Oh I have several of those upstairs

    So off he goes and comes back with a new in the box Brno ZKK 601 std chambered for 308 Winchester. He pulled it out of the box and I just said MINE! the stock figuring is a good match for a classic Mannlicher by Rigby I had acquired a couple of years earlier. He asked me why I had not mentioned it to them before and I pointed out that he had none on the racks. Seems they had sold the last ones on the racks and not replaced them as they needed the room for the new Mannlichers and I think it was Ruger model 77's. So by not asking I had wasted a lot of phone calls and at least 6 weeks hassle so from then on I made sure to ask no matter how obscure the rifle that was the current goal.

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    I've used them 3 times in the past 17 years - two scopes (one special order from the factory) and some spare parts for the rifle - and they've been spot on each time... You would think that being such a regular customer they'd remember me

    +1 for Andersons in East Grinstead
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    had a recent problem ,bought full outfit ,not a small sum ,but happy with the deal,until they sent an incomplete order then the wrong part ,still waiting for a refund on the difference between blued and stainless mounts.but they are the cheapest

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