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Thread: Deer Cull Risk Assessment Template

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    Deer Cull Risk Assessment Template

    Have just been considering the risk assessment templates provided and others suggested on threads. I don't want to appear the anal EHO but I come across risk assessment templates that are very good and the ones on the site are but one important part of the assessment is missing "how might harm be caused" please consider the following link before completing or reviewing any assessments you do or have If you think about it a loaded gun is only a hazard when someone touches/picks it up. The person picking it up needs to know why/how it becomes a hazard! You cannot assess the level of risk (high, medium, low) if you have not identified "how" the hazard is realised.

    Hope this helps.......

    Please note: a method statement is something totally different to a risk assessment.

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    there has been some views but no comments just incase you were looking for an example risk assessment please find attached. This is as complicated as they need to be any probs just ask.
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    Have to make a risk assessment for a Forrestry commission Tender . Its taking forever . Will it stop me falling out of a tree , or tripping over a bramble and shooting myself in the eye ? Oh I must mention the high risk bramble . and of course my rifle wont be loaded at that point . Probably. Anyhow, my question to all is, How large a tender should I chance for 150 acres and 15 roe deer ? on one piece and 280 acres and 15 roe deer ?

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