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Thread: Summer hunting Jacket & Trousers

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    Summer hunting Jacket & Trousers

    Looking for some advice on a suitable hunting suit for the summer months. Needs to be waterproof and breathable and light. Was looking at Harkilas Cougar range? Any advice or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks. Reddeer1.

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    I use Fjallraven Karl trousers and Fjallraven Nordli jacket in G-1000 water resistant cloth, 200 all in and you dont look like a **** in the pub or restuarant on the way home.

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    For summer trousers try Klatermussen Vimur trousers, stupidly expensive but by far the best trousers I've used. Showerproof and dry very very quickly. The trousers incorporate a very effective boot cuff lock that so far has proved effective against ticks. At the cost they are going to need to last for many years !!

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    I've given this advice a few times and it might not suit everyone, but it's cheap and works well - take a look at mil surplus gear. For 30 you can have a British windproof smock and a German flecktarn Goretex jacket.

    I wash the waterproofing for cotton by nicwax into the windproof smock - this doesn't make it 100% waterproof but it is certainly good enough for a few hours of solid rain which will be more than enough for most stalking. However, if it is very wet then you can put the german flecktarn goretex on underneath the windproof smock. This sounds silly, putting the goretex under the smock, but means you retain all your pockets and their contents.

    The pockets in the smock are great for stalking but the downside is the limited colour schemes, though plain green or black do sometimes come up on ebay :-) On the up side you will save enough cash to pay for a few days stalking and if you put a hole in it on a fence you'll not be too gutted.

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