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Thread: .300 r.u.m

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    .300 r.u.m

    Does anybody have experience of the .300 Remmington Ultra Magnum ? Recoil ? accuracy ? ease of reloading ? suitability for reds, boar, plains game ?



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    I do. My butcher bought one for elk shooting and I shot it a few times. My observations:

    kicked hard
    shot reasonably well
    was expensive as all get-out to feed
    a lot of wasted power for North American game.

    My butcher friend recently traded it off for a pair of 270's and is happily killing elk with 150 grain bullets and fewer shoulder bruises.~Muir

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    Will certainly kill reds but you may be better off with less gun. .270, 30/06 or 7mm RM is plenty for most people. Nowt wrong with more gun but it will be harder to shoot with the same degree of repeatable accuracy for most people

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    What about if you stick a mod on it?

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    I can see no possible sane purpose for it, I mean, how fast does a 30 cal bullet have to fly to be effective? However, if you want one, whatever floats your boat.

    Most people I see start to struggle with a 30/06, and if you listened to half the guys here, the 270 is a piece of field artillery.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I owned one some time ago. I must stress that i bought it to shoot targets. I bought it from someone who had shot very few bullets through it and couldn't get on with it, he sold it to me for a ridiculous price and my sole purpose for having it was that it was an usual calibre.

    From memory my 200gr bullets were punted at around 3000ft/s, kicked like my 45/70 creedmore rolling block and was a pain to carry. I used it for a time in comps at around 1000yds and beyond but soon realised that its limitations outweighed any marginal benefits. Factory ammo was eye-watering in price (when you could find it) and re-loading suppliers immediately began to smile when you walked into their shops. Can't remember my actual load (i have it somewhere) but i'm sure i was using 111.5grs of powder!

    I can see it making sense on the African Plain where you'd want something to bowl over large game or shooting long range across canyons at elk or something, but it'll just mince any deer you care to shoot in the UK, at the ranges we shoot. I've owned a 338lap mag, 300rum and 300wm. My advice would be to get a 30-06 and leave the cannons to those with more money than sense.

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