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Thread: New rifle!

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    New rifle!

    All, here is a photo of my new toy.

    Just being acclimatised but early results are promising.

    Thanks to Claret Dabbler and J Campbell Smith + others for advice and input when speccing out.

    Hope you like it.

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    You want to have a word with the gunsmith, he's put the bolt on the wrong side

    Seriously though, I like the stock very much indeed. What does it shoot like?

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    Well spotted! That's why he gave me it cheap - the bu**er.

    The stock is McMillan RPA varmint, marbled finish.

    I am still working toward a load for it, but the results so far are encouraging. The calibre is .260 Rem.

    Looking forward to using it in anger.


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    Nice look'n bit of kit, even if it is a southpaw!!

    Atb, Buck.
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    I lent my rifle to a mate one night we were out, he could see a fox I couldn't, it was hilarious watching him fumble for the safety and frantically work a non-existent bolt!

    Fox disappeared. He was cursing all corrie-fisters

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    I some times carry on like that when I switch between a single selective & double trigger shotgun.!!!

    I see the bird dead on an empty chamber.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Nothing worse than hauling despairingly on the first trigger again and again and wondering why there was no bang!

    Early on I used RH rifles with normal bolts but never really developed a good technique for a swift bolt operation, quite often I ended up banging myself on the nose or chin!

    I have a friend who was in the same position but got very good a laying the rifle over and working the bolt he was a quick as any Right hander.

    It's a right handed world just think of Y fronts!

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    Herne, looks tasty, remind who did the smithing? What bullets are you planning to use? I am really liking 120gr BT's in mine, great match for the 260rem.

    By way of constructive criticism, you might try and get that scope in lower mounts if they don't foul the bolt handle. It will make it easier for you to get a consistant cheek weld on the stock.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Nope I would not like it, with a stock like that I probably would not be able to find it after the gralloch

    Anyhow its made for a Devil worshipping left hander and is of no use to a God fearing right hander

    Like you I have a friend how is left handed but he learned to shoot right handed with a right handed rifle but works the bolt with his left hand looks odd, but he is just as quick as any right hander and deadly.

    I am not really a great fan of synthetic stocks but IMO that looks better than a lot I have seen, .260 is also not a calibre I am familiar with,what would you compare it with balistically.

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    Thanks guys,

    The smith was Andy Rogerson at Wren rifles. I agree re. the scope mounts a size lower would do. I am using Nosler 140grn partitions at the moment and they seem to be flying well if at moderate velocities!

    Bogtrotter, the .260 was not my first choice but after a bit of research and reassurance from a few on the site I decided to run with it, it was the only 6.5mm available to me left-handed in the action I chose. It is similar ballistically to the 6.5 Swedish but with a reduced charge shorter case but higher chamber pressures.

    Cheers again


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