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Thread: Optilocks wanted

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    Optilocks wanted

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a set of medium blued Optilock mounts for my Tikka 595. I would prefer a set but could be interested in just the rings or bases if that's all you have. If you've got some spare could you post up how much you want for them?



    Forgot to say I need 1" rings!
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    inch or 30mm?
    I may have some spare inch if my new scope doesnt come with any
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Hi njc110381,
    I have a set of blued tikka bases I have never used
    as mine are sako rifles. 30 posted

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    Hi TS
    if Neil dont take your bases i will please

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    Thank's charlie,
    No reply yet, if Neil does not let me know by
    Wednesday night they are your's.


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    Hi TS. Thanks for your reply. I've just ordered a set of Apels which should fit, but I was holding back on saying I've got some until they've arrived and I know they work. The shop I ordered them from think they will fit but they're second hand so couldn't be 100% certain!

    It's only fair to let Charlie have them rather than mess you about. I'm pretty confident I won't need them (I hope!).

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    Thank's njc110381,
    I will let Charlie know, and i hope the apel's fit. I ordered some
    for my sauer 90 then had to re-order the front one again so that it stepped back
    slightly to bring the scope further back so now i have half a set doing nothing expensive
    as well those apels.


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    Talk about a bad day. The Apels are also too low! At least the seller said I could have a refund if they didn't fit, unless of course I can find some Apel rings which are higher?! I think I may just go and buy a new set of Optilocks if I can't sort it soon.

    I'm going to sit in the corner and sulk now! Stupid gun!

    EDIT... Did you say you have half a set of Apels? I've tried a google search but it's unbelievable how many people are actually talking about Apples..... I give up!
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    Hi Neil,
    I have one front base to fit sauer 90.


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    Fair enough, not to worry then. I've emailed the shop I got the Apels from. They said when I bought them that I could send them back for a refund if they didn't fit so I've asked them to give me a price to replace them with Optilocks. I don't want to just send them back after they've gone to the effort of posting them to me etc - seems a bit rude!

    I really hope I've ordered the right Optilocks. I think I have but this gun seems to be full of surprises!

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