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Thread: 9.3x62 Vs .300WM for boar

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    9.3x62 Vs .300WM for boar

    I`ve just got back from the range after having a 2 hr practise session on the running boar range. The boar are 60 meters away and travel at about 10mph.

    First, I started with the 9.3x62. I have a Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 CD-1 scope sitting atop of an R93. It is zeroed at 100m. I was practising with PP 285 SP which travel at 2236 FPS according to the Privi website. I was aimīng at the tip of the boar`s nose but found most of strikes hitting the gut. It appears that it needs a good deal of lead, about a foot in my estimation.

    Next came the 300 Win Mag. I was using a Zeiss 3-12*56 scope again sitting atop of an R93. Again it is zeroed at 100m. I was using Privi 150 Gr SP which travel at 3150 FPS. Not much lead was required at all. I`m thinking of swapping the swaro Z6i on to the 300 Win Mag. Or should I practise more with the 9.3x62?

    Forgive my ignorance but can anybody recommend a programme if such a programme exists, that will calculate the lead required for different cartridges at various ranges?

    Many thanks


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    Maths was never my strong point, AFAIK

    60m = 196.9 feet away

    9.3x62: 196.9ft/2236fps = 0.08805903398926654740608228980322 seconds to target
    300WM: 196.9ft/3150fps = 0.062507936507936507936507936507937s seconds to target

    10mph = 14.67 feet per second

    From shot, target moves:

    1.29182602862254025044722719141feet with 9.3x62
    0.91699142857142857142857142857143 feet with 300WM

    so the difference is 1.29182602862254025044722719141- 0.91699142857142857142857142857143 = 0.374834600051111679018655762839 feet or about four and a half inches (assuming that at 60m, both rounds bleed speed at roughly the same rate).

    In my experience, you don't need much lead at all when shooting at close range with a rifle (unlike a shotgun with a slug). Aim to miss in front and our normal human reaction built in delay does it for us.

    It's hard to say without seeing first hand but I suspect either you need to think about different sights or you may be target shooting a bit and holding the shot too long. For driven boar, the lower powered a scope the better - I find a red dot hard to beat as they tend to improve target acquisition and you don't end up deciding which hair to shoot through.

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    Thanks for that.

    I still dont understand hy there is such a difference between the two calibres. Your calculation is pretty much spot on for the 300 WM but I dont understand why the 9.3 requires 12 inches of lead. Perhaps it is me hesitating.

    I was shootingt the Z61 on 1x mag and the Zeiss on its minimum of 3x. The Swaro wins on field of view but the Zeiss was pretty clear as well. I tried a Zeiss Z Point and Compact Point; they are not as clear for me!

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    Hi Conor,

    As said close up you don't need that much lead and in the heat of the moment you don't have a lot of time to think about leading, get the crosshair/dot on front end and shoot, in driven game you can't be as precise as when stalking, my theory is hit then as hard as you can, ie with the heaviest bullet you can tolerate for your calibre, to create as much shock as possible, as unless you hit them in the head or spine they will run on anyway.If you can get your shot front end on the body it's usually fatal.
    The dogs used for the driving will find them as this is what they enjoy doing and usually chewing the ears from the pigs.
    I would also say which ever calibre has the lest recoil i would chose, so that you can get quicker follow up shots and multiple shots at groups of boar.
    I also use the Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 wound down to 2 as when it's down at 1 you can see the barrel which is a bit distracting and with the illumination on as it helps you get on target quicker, it's a great bit of kit as it has the wide field of view as well.

    Don't deliberate over it too much, just enjoy yourself.


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    If you have an Android phone the Shooter app will calculate lead.

    For 208gr A-max from my 300Wm (Not a boar load) it gives 18.9 MOA at 65 yards.
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    Thanks all gentlemen.


    You`re right about winding up to 2x mag as on 1x, it appears as though the front sight on the barrel is wobbling. I don`t notice recoil when taking standing shots (both barrels have muzzle breaks) though I can`t say the same when shooting from the bench!


    I use Ballistic FTE on the I Phone which is great for normal shooting on the range.

    Thx again

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    Your experience with the two calibres is an example of why (after all these years) I still find shooting interesting.

    Since ballistically you should be only hitting about four inches further back with the 9.3, it seems to me on reflection that there are four possible explanations:

    1) You shot the 9.3 first, so you may have been 'cold' and took a while to get your eye in. This would be my first choice - try the other way round next time.
    2) There something about the 9.3 (sights, fit, weight etc. ) that is causing a delay (albeit unconsciously) - for example, subconsciously double-checking your shot placement because you are less confident. This is my second choice - I've had guns which I just couldn't get on with for no obvious reason.
    3) The sights on the 9.3 are out. Unlikely - but possible.
    4) The boar wasn't running at a consistent speed. Even more unlikely, but a variation of only three mph would increase the difference to six inches, and it could happen if the first few runs cleaned the rust and the old grease off the mechanism...


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    Hi Conor,

    Just a thought to test out Knootaclu's excellent ideas, try shooting the running boar with another rifle and see how everything stacks up. Or get an experienced shot to have a couple of runs with your rifles and see what happens. Always good to compare to an independent variable if you can!



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    By the bye, boar can run a LOT faster than 10mph.
    I was taught to put the X hairs on the boars nose and fire.

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    Absolutely - although I've never shot one with a radar gun, I reckon that top speed is about 25 mph and they can hit that in a few strides. They can't hold it for long and with dogs on them, will rapidly drop off to about 15mph with swipes left and right slowing them down.

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