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Thread: Not taking the shot

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    Not taking the shot

    A brief summary of this morning!

    I was out on a bit of shared ground (we all communicate well about plans) and had agreed with the rest of the team that any buck was fair game apart from 1 monster buck, might make a medal (monster for our patch anyway).

    So i set off, very quiet with the best of the morning no dog walkers which makes a pleasant change. Anway, after a lot of walking through wet grass and some spectacular fly pestering I was rumbling along a little too quickly when i bumped a buck. I quickly let out a squeak and got the sticks up. A little more squeaking and it stopped crashing away thrugh the bushes and did a circuit of me offering many shots. After much soul searching I resigned myself to this being the big boy so just enjoyed watching him, he was horny as hell but just not sure about me...

    In the end he grew bored and pottered off to munch and I mooched on. I saw a tired looking doe trying to feed, left her in peace and then a doe and a kid skittering across a road in the distance.

    The cover is a nightmare so seeing buck is a bonus.

    Hoping my management Karma points are sky high and a good cull buck appears next time...........

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    Well done that man. You did the honourable thing, for yourself (you should remember this for the rest of your life), your shooting colleagues, the management plan and most of all the buck!
    Nirvana awaits!

    Seriously it's good to hear that there are still gentlemen in this world.


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    Nice write up ,Well done , Its not all about pulling the trigger at every chance we get .

    Thanks for sharing it with us


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    Mark of a good stalker, to leave the right deer and keep the memory. Good on you

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