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Thread: The blaser buck

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    The blaser buck

    A very good friend off this forum who does not want to be named invited me
    out this evening for a stalk .
    The reason was to christen the new BLASER that i purchased a couple of months
    back with us both busy with work and he with a young family tonight was to be
    the night .
    I hadnt shot a deer till about a week back a young six point cull buck that I will
    remember as the blasers first and two very good six pointers one may scrape a
    bronze in the last couple of days so the rifle had been busy

    we started off the stalk on a field of failed barley that was full of weeds and just
    about everything else that deer love a your six pointer was spotted as we parked
    up and six does ran for cover as we exited the vechile .
    the big buck my friend had selected was not to be seen but was thought to be in
    the next valley as we left the first field the buck was spotted in a field of sheep
    chasing a doe my friend used the buttulo but he was staying put we waited for about
    fifteen minutes for the buck to move as no back stop
    he was staying put so we decided to stalk right around him to get right with the wind
    and to present a safe shot when we reached where he should have been he had
    moved chasing on a far bank we slowly stalked forward only for him to disappear
    into a hollow we set the sticks and played the waiting game sure enough about
    five minutes later he and the doe were running straight at us i thought they were
    going to suss us but we froze our backs to the hedge and ellie my GWP sat tight
    to heal we waited which seemed like ages as the buck was facing straight at us
    i was waiting for him to go broadside but no he just stayed fixed i whispered to
    my mate that if he moves i recon he will leg it he said not to worry as he would
    whistle or bark as sure enough he started to make for the wood where the doe was
    true to his word my mate whistled him he stopped broadside at about 80 yds and
    i placed one just behind the shoulder with he 30 06 he kicked out ran 20 yards and
    collapsed on the edge of the wood dead we waited five minutes and then moved
    forward to find a magnificent high silver / gold medal .
    I can only say thank you for being true to your word mate and letting me shoot such
    a wonderfull beast that will be my first gold if it makes it and will be full mounted
    and take pride of place on the wall .
    pictures will follow tomorrow of deer / dog / and blaser that im over the moon with
    money well spent regards pete .

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    Sounds like a fantastic stalk, well done! Looking forward to seeing the photos as he sounds like a cracking buck.

    As I know myself, you've been a good friend to many on this site and very generous with your stalking. Full credit to your mate as well.

    Not surprised to hear your delighted with the Blaser .

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Well done, hope it makes gold for you. I thought your rifle looked a very nice piece of kit, and it handled well too. I'm pleased you've got a couple of bucks under your belt with it. Look forwad to seeing the photo's.

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    Well done Pete and also to your mate, good luck with getting the photos up! Not seen any chasing here for a while now.

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    Hi Pete,
    Glad to see you have christened your Blaser.
    I went out last Tuesday and christened my new .243 barrel.
    I have joined a syndicate where I am allowed to shoot their Deer for them.
    I stalked all around an area in the afternoon and had a Fallow Doe follow me, I think, it looked like the same one.
    A doe came out on the track three times at about fifty yards in front of me.
    Each time I put the rifle on sticks in case she wasn't alone but all she did was feed towards me to about twenty yards then step into the wood and disappear until half an hour later then she did it again.
    About 5.30 I decided to go in a high seat and have my dinner.
    Just settled down to a piece of chicken and a cup of coffee when a fox showed between the trees at about 100yds, bang one dead fox, happy with that so carried on with my dinner.
    After a couple of hours I decided to move.
    Typical, just as I got to the bottom of the high seat four Fallow came out at about four hundred yards, got my glasses on them and could not see a Buck among them.
    Shouldered my rifle and picked up my bag to move when a nice Pricket showed up and started to run towards the girls!! passing me at about 200 yards.
    I rested against a tree and waited hoping he would stop for a breath before joining the Girls, I knew I would !! he did and bang, down he went.
    Waited a while, then approached him and wished I hadn't shot it, or that it was a Roe or better still a Muntjac !!
    As I couldn't get my vehicle anywhere near it I had to drag/lift it, what a drag/lift that was, I was knacked
    I eventually got it to an area of woodland where I could gralloch it and also get my vehicle to it.
    I was glad I was a dog owner as it means I always carry water in my vehicle !!! I must have drank it's water faster than when it has been running on a hot day !!
    Then back to the larder and home after an enjoyable but exhausting day. No photos I'm afraid, nobody about to take them and without my grinning face, the carcass would look a little lonely.
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    Well done pete a very nice buck indeed and i have to admit the wood on that blaser looks the buiseness very nice.

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    Great write up Pete.
    The dog looks a real character, almost imitated the deer down to a tee.
    If you are going to take an axe to that thing on the chopping block take that nice scope off first.
    Hope the deer goes gold for you mate.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    eddy cracking write up glad you also christened the new 243 blaser barrel
    I would go a bit carefull with all that dragging at your age though mate
    can i ask what recipe your using would it be the 87 grain hollow points ?
    if so what are they performing like ?
    regards pete .

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    Great write up Pete.
    The dog looks a real character, almost imitated the deer down to a tee.
    If you are going to take an axe to that thing on the chopping block take that nice scope off first.
    Hope the deer goes gold for you mate.
    ha ha thanks for the comments basil look forward to seeing you all at the
    next meet up whenever that might be .
    regards pete .

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    Fantastic Buck,Well done.
    Atb John.

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