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Thread: Charity Auction.

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    Charity Auction.

    My dad is now in the macmillan ward at Driffield hospital.
    3 years ago they cut away his bowel, and found a shadow on his liver, they gave him 3months to 3 years.
    He is unwell.
    I have put up for auction stalking before and made quite a bit of money for this sort of thing, so couldn't sit by now and do nothing.
    The nurses are fab with him and us.
    So I will auction off accross the forums a days accompanied roe-stalking/high seat(x2 outings)(depending on conditions) AND by kind permission a days stalking/highseat in Norfolk for munjac CWD.(chance for 1 of each or which ever shows first.)(i.e 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening).
    You will have to pay for your own accomadation on your stay which is where we put all clients up on the grounds).
    Travel can may be arranged, depending where you are.
    They will be run as 1 lot and dates will be forwarded soon for the cwd. The roe can be anytime this or next year(depending on my commitments) and the cwd will be this season. Estate rifles can be provided.
    The auction will start today and last till my daughters birthday the 30th sept 2011. Then the money will be paid in within 2 weeks.
    This is a great oppertunity to shoot 3 species with 2 top guides. Get bidding, any donations will also be welcome.

    Please note this is a private auction run with permission of JayB and site staff but is my responsibilty.
    Best offer so far is £160

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    Do we place bids in this thread or by PM?

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    PM sent.

    My regards to your dad, and to the rest of you in the family. I know what its like to lose your dad too early, make the most of him.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Thanks for your replies guys and pm's
    I have been out and have x3 bids @ £250.
    So its only fair to go with the earliest recieved.
    A pm is on the way to the highest bidder.

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    £350 now come on boys.
    Donations would be welcome.

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    Come on lads we will not be holding back on the stalking!!!

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    Count me in for a £20 donation, thinking of you and the family at this difficult time mate.


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    thanks lads.

    £400 bid now.
    yesterdays buck I called into 24m's well done fallowmoor.

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