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Thread: Wet and Wild up in Sutherland Sika, Roe and Red

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    Wet and Wild up in Sutherland Sika, Roe and Red

    I had a week up in Sutherland near Lairg trying to get stuck into the deer with a bit of help from Paul and Reuben (dusk til dawn and his mate). They travelled most of the Saturday from Bisley to get there just in time at 3am on Sunday to get their gear ready to get out stalking.... ouch who needs sleep anyway. Thanks to them for their company

    I've got to be honest the weather was horrible and despite some pretty good effort on our part the deer were sticking to cover and we got damp to say the least. On a later morning outing the silence was broken with Reuben letting rip from the high seat and when myself and Paul went to check out the results. Down was a charlie from quite a tidy head shot with a .270, I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

    So off home they went and I was really disappointed for them because of the weather but what can you do . It was time for me to get out the rifle and keep at it though. On the Monday afternoon the weather was fairer and clouds cleared away for a short while on darkening with the last of the sun in the sky. Out came the deer and an unlucky sika feeding close to the trees was well shot but made for the trees like a rocket. After about 30 minutes looking it was time to get a dog and about an hour later with backup from the game dealers dog we went straight to it about 20 meters into the thick cover.

    Then for then next 3 days it just rained and all I did was pull ragwort but thursday morning saw sun and out in the open a roe buck was about to get lucky with a doe. Keeping the sun behind me I stalked down onto a little rise and mr buck was going at it.. great! Then off he pops and the doe heads to cover at speed with the buck zooming after her and no chance at a shot... b0llocks! Late afternoon and back out on the mooch with some warmer weather, I'm glassing the tree lines and their he is. Just a flash of antlers moving in the fringes so I set out the bipod and got steady from the hill. I watched for about 5 minutes til he offered the shot and while it was at a fair distance the .308 did it's job nicely. He was a lovely little buck but beside the trees the midgies were somethig unbelievable so it was a sharp exit from there!

    Saturday morning was unsettled with showers but I had seen the reds on Friday and I was hoping for some dry. Then the sky brightened and the sun started to break though and off I went on my wander. Up at the deer fence a young red was wandering up the fence towards me so with a little crawl up onto the rise the bipod was down and I waited for my chance. The stag was working the fence looking for a way though and facing me. I let him come far enough and gave him a little whistle. Up went the head for a look so that was it and I necked him and down he went and no movement at all so that was that. Again the game dealer came to my aid but with his quad bike this time and my trip was over and it was time to head home.

    With the weather so unsettled this last week anything was a bonus but the deer have to feed so picking those dry periods can really pay off. Cheers all.
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    nice beasts and a good write up , thanks

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    Paul I take it that it was Brian that came to your rescue or more likely Darren. You are right about the weather it has been bloody awful mind you the last two days have not been too bad, but if it has not been the rain it has been midges. Roland, the kiwikeeper, got one at 9:40 Friday night just before dark on my bit and Glen Cadwallader got one two days before around 7:00 in the morning. I'm out again with Glen on Wednesday morning but if the weather is good I may be out before

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Yeh that's right Darren, he's only 5 minutes round the corner. He was saying that the sika I took in was the first he's had for a while which is surprising. It went straight out the door to a guy that wanted sika venison. The flies have been lethal but that's life for the next month although I didn't catch a tick and the deer were carrying very little for this time of year. Have you noticed a reduced number this year? On the west side of the tirry over from Rhian bridge there were 37 reds out on the hill on thursday, hinds and calves. I'm glad about that because the commission smashed into them last year in the snow.

    Tell you what though, the sun brought the deer straight out after the rain so don't wait for Glen if you get the weather for it Good luck!


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    Hi Paul
    You Jammy bugger Lol, Im glad you had some luck mate, we can't do much about the weather ?
    Thanks for haveing us up there.

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    Cheers mate, we'll need to book better weather next time . I actually felt quite guilty when I shot the sika. If it had been settled you guys would have shot the beasts but the weather.... bloody hell . Hope to get down soon so I can buy you and Reuben a jar or two. Has he recovered yet?

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    2 good looking beasts their paul glad you had some good out of such lousy weather the buck lucks real good

    webby ps you going to galloway show this next weekend just been to lowther after a real cheap 22rf none at lowther so mite pick one up at galloway

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    there's a good chance i'll go if the weathers ok, how real cheap are you looking for? You need to come for a wander with me over towards eskdalemuir one evening. Need to knock a buck over soon for the freezer and those reloads of yours need used up!

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    lol ive had a fox with them and god they dont half bark compared to factory loads lol only got about 60 -80 quid for 22 as need to knock off some rabbits for farmer and can then have a go at the deer lol

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    you are right about the ticks there does not seem to be so many of them this year, although they seem to be more evident between different pieces of ground, mind you the bloody flies are making up for it this year there seems to be more than ever! The weather is not bad today I may get out but not too sure, will be out Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday so I am not exactly house bound

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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