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Thread: Dusting off my old Aught-Six

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    Dusting off my old Aught-Six

    I am planning on lending my FN Commercial 30-06 to my son-in-law's mother this fall when we all get together for a deer hunt in November. This is a rifle I picked up second-hand and one that had a bulge in the barrel right at the muzzle. I cut and crowned the barrel by hand and have been using it for cast bullet target shooting with some success. Last evening I decided to try it with some 180 grain jacketed bullets for the boy's Mum. This is a the result. One of many clover-leaf, or near clover leaf groups I got using a Speer 180 grain SP over the starting load of IMR 4350 and a Winchester primer... all loaded at the range using a Lee Classic loader and a wooden mallet. My worst group was 1.2" and that was entirely because I forgot what a fine trigger that rifle had and tried to get too cozy with it before I was settled on the bull. Darned near got me in the forehead. I was going to rebarrel this rifle to 6.5x55 but I think I'll hold off a while...~Muir
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    nothing wrong with that group!
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    If it aint broke......
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    Reminds me of the book "Band of Brothers". One of the guys got fed up with being told off for a blemish on the rifling of his Garand when on rifle inspection and got the rifle changed. He said he couldn't hit a damn thing with the new rifle while the old one was fine accuracy wise.


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    I had my 30-06 AI out today as well using a Lyman cast RNFP 170 ('ish) gr - fairly hard.
    Not a bad result with a 4 inch group - not bad because it was me causing the spread - I hate shooting prone due to back, neck and old age.
    Bottom line is the holes were very slightly elongated and black on 1/2 the circumference.
    The boolits were doing around 1900fps so I'm guessing they were slightly small at the front end.
    I have an NOE 3 cavity .311 mould on the way from the States - .003" larger - hopefully this will ride the bore a bit better.
    The rifle was an old CZ in .270 which I rebarrelled with a 1 in 10 twist 30 cal Wilson barrel - all up cost incl. reamer and headspace gauges was around 100.

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    I wish you and I could get together and compare notes.
    I get that slightly elongated hole when the bullet is passing through a hard backer at low revs.

    This is from my 30-40 Krag firing a well-fit #311-284 (210 grain) bullet at 100 yards over 18 grains of AA 5744 (very similar to 4198). The yaw is evident as the bullets only leave the muzzle at 1600 fps, if that, and the striking velocity is Lord knows what. The backer on our 100 yard range are ply board, 3/4" thick which causes the bullet to yaw on impact, I'm sure.

    Do you have any experience with this 210 grain 311-284? It is one of the most ballistically superior cast bullt designs of all time. It's ballistic coeffecient remains constant through a wide range of velocities. I bring it up because my 30-06 AI loves it!~Muir

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    Virtually identical holes as mine is giving.
    I've not tried that heavy a boolit but the next for me to try is a 195gr pointed boolit (311365) from a NOE mould.
    I am keen to get an accurate a powerful cast load to hunt with, consequently the flat nose, so I am looking forward to the one I got off of the Evilbay.
    Meeting up and chatting would be a delight, but I am afraid the distance is too great a problem.

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    What mold did you order? I have the RCBS 30-180-FN old style which has long parallel sides and hits like a sledge-hammer. Great mold.

    I have been working with high velocity (up to 2800 fps) cast bullet loads for 30 years and if you care to swap ideas, PM me. I cast some .325" diameter, 206 grain GCRN for my 8x57 yesterday as hunting season is rolling around again. I can chat hunting bullets all day long....~Muir

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    NOE 3 cavity 311165

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    I have a 30-06 commercial FN 30-06 and it is my backup for my FN 7x57 and Zastava 280. If I ever, god forbid, had to get down to one gun, I'd probably choose it. capt david

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