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Thread: Couple of videos of roe does

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    Couple of videos of roe does

    The Norwegian roe buck season started on the 10th August and I have been out every morning and evening since, unfortunately I have only been observing roe does and kids with no signs of any bucks!

    This small young doe appeared right beside me at 3 meters, then went and bedded down on the other side of the bushes you see in the video, managed to bring her over to me again with the buttolo.

    This doe was grazing at about 75 meters in front of me for about 20 minutes, a lot of the video was shaky as I forgot my tripod, so I edited it down to the best bits.

    I'm still waiting for a buck to show!

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    Nice vids Jon mate,and I'm sure the Buck will come soon.


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    Thanks Martin,

    I'm off out this evening so fingers crossed!

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