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Thread: Landrover Mechanic Advice Required

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    Landrover Mechanic Advice Required

    Hi Guys, I know this is not stalking related but I am sure some of you will be more familiar with vehicles than I am, so here goes.
    If the question seems too simple I can assure you I am not taking the P**s.
    I have an 09 plate Discovery 3 TDV6 XS.
    Recently I had problems with the height adjustable suspension and took it to the garage where a new compressor was fitted.
    Today I went to take the front panel off to remove the grass seeds that accumulate below the radiator and found it was only held on with two of the plastic turn studs, five were missing.
    These are not level with the ground, so not able to be rubbed or grazed off by grounding.
    So my question is, does the panel have to be taken off by the garage mechanic to get to the compressor ?
    Is it possible that they have been taken off and not replaced.
    I cannot imagine all five would turn themselves round, work themselves loose and fall out at the same time.
    I should not think they are very expensive so cost is not an issue, but quality of work is more my concern.
    So guys where is the compressor situated?

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    Landrovers have a 3 year warranty, go to your dealer and get some for free.

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    The compressor is fitted on the chassis just in front of the offside rear wheel.I am no mechanic but when your wallet gets hit for a new one you want to know where it is.You can buy a sump style gaurd to protect the unit.I have a slightly older Disco 3 and my studs are missing.There are now cable ties holding it on.Unsure if again they were not put back after a service or have fallen out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    Landrovers have a 3 year warranty, go to your dealer and get some for free.
    It doesn't always work out like that. Some items are classed as consumables or things that I am supposed to check periodically.
    I recently had my handbrake jam on and it took nearly half an hour of the most horrendous noises before it released.
    I took it in under warranty and had to pay 41 to have 'whatever it was' under the car cleaned as it was full of dust and grass seeds.
    Apparently that bit did not form part of the servicing, so no warranty and yes I did get on to Landrover UK and ask if that was correct.
    They confirmed it is, 'something they will be looking at in the future' but during the meantime it's a cough up job !!
    Mark, Thanks for the info. It would seem then that the mechanic had no reason to go to the front area below the radiator, so the mystery deepens. That is the second compressor I've had fitted since new.
    I only have to hang on to it until March, as that is when the guarantee runs out, I get it changed then for another.

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    Buy a Landcrusier Eddy! You won't be having horrible little problems like this!

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    Landrover Mechanic Questions! LOL..why don't we just set up a Forum section under that name, it would get a LOT of traffic

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    I bought the Landrover specifically because it had the suspension adjustment facility but two Compressors to make it work is making me wonder if it was worth it.
    I know it is under guarantee but it means time in the garage instead of on the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    Landrover Mechanic Questions! LOL..why don't we just set up a Forum section under that name, it would get a LOT of traffic
    There must be a lot of them about then is that what you are saying

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    Hmmm makes you wonder why LR didn't just use the Citroen system which is time proven.

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    Make sure the slides on the prop shaft are getting greased. The shaft slides in and out very slightly as you raise and lower the car.If they get dry and sticky the compressor has to work harder and kills it quicker.


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