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Thread: Strone stalking for red stags

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    Strone stalking for red stags

    Been invited stalking with me mates next month for red stags near strone forest argyll

    Anybody from that area ?

    Can you give me some idea of

    nice bed and breakfast
    Game dealer and
    restaurants ?


    Been stalking on the east coast but never in the west coast of Scotland

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    Game dealer is across the water in Lochgilphead or if you are luck Winston Churchill may or may not be interested.

    The Creggans in Strachur is decent (would be my first choice and you will get plenty of B&B in Dunoon, caravan park in St Catherines and Loch Eck.

    Dont know if the Glandaruel Hotel is back open but last time I stayed it ruined my weekend so best avoided unless new managment have it sorted.


    Good beasties up that way but take midge precautions.

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    Hi 308Boy has covered most things I have sent you a PM.



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    if you are staying in dunoon try udercliffes b and b right off the ferry,we stay there all the time when up there and they understand the needs of stalkers cant recomend them enough,you can contact either russel or rita on 01369704688,regards arron

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    I do all my red stalking round there, creggans is great, the owners are first rate. It depends on how high up you are going, woodland is boggy..very. This hills are high but the views are spectacular. If you like a beer, Realy Fyne Ales is good for a quick stop. Also, Loch Fyne seafood restaurant is pretty nice, recommed the oysters cooked with garlic. Add a bit of tobasco and you are well away.

    Good luck


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