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Thread: The continuing adventures of TSS

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    The continuing adventures of TSS

    You may or may not have been following the exciting adventures of TSS. His tales of daring do and exploits worthy of mention alongside people like Biggles , Flash Gordon and Bulldog Drummond. For those who missed it, here is the link to remind you.

    For everybody else.
    On todays exciting adventure, TSS comes face to face with a moving bush ……………… Read on;

    So following on from my last exciting adventure, the days continued to move as is their won't. Minutes became hours, hours became days then night became night and then day again. Things moved on. (I am trying to build up the atmosphere here, go with it.)
    With my Bambi virginity still intact our two intrepid adventurers decided a double stalking seat was in order, because whilst I am verg good at speaking knowledgeably on most subjects including stalking, in reality I am an excellent dispencer of advice unless you are stupid enough to believe me. I am after all under mentorship, a distinct pain in the ass but it has it's benefits as I am constantly picking up information and ideas. So I am learning from a good bloke and friend and it gives me a good excuse to get out of the house on a Sunday so I don't get dragged into cleaning and all sorts of womens work . I should point out that my missus is a complete technophobe and has no chance of ever seeing this. PHEW!!

    Now rather than buy one, I decided to make one, (I married a Yorkshire lass and her favourite expression of “HOW MUCH?” I think it is starting to rub off on me.) Total cost to me was £130, and it takes down easily and fits into the back of the pickup. I do need to make a mod to the front bar but that will be in the near future. I went and acquired the scaffolding from the Bay of evil and set to work with the welder and a saw. The most expensive part was the plank. Stupidly I bought a new one from the builders merchants £27. Stupid stupid stupid. Memo to self, look in the secondhand adds first.

    Anyhow with the scaffold duly painted and tested in the back garden it was time to move it to location. Great view into the neighbours gardens, snigger.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    So off we went on the Friday and put it up. I want to add some camo netting to blend it in better but until I can get some at the right price. Flipping expensive to buy, have you seen the price?
    Nice view don’t you think?

    So with the scaffolding , sorry, dual highseat, put in place we decided to go for a wander round the fields and get some bunnies as my fridge has been depleted of supplies. I took my .22 and my mate took his .223, just in case Charlie poked his head out. Nothing much was showing. One field that the farmer had was laid to crop and he was just finishing combining this. We watched him move out so we made our way over to a corner of the field and settled down. This spot is well known for the bunnies. There is a deep ditch that runs about 200 yards and is riddled, so once you settle down they usually come out within about 20 minutes and you can shoot to your hearts content. It is ideal for the hmr, which of course I didn’t have on me that evening. Actually this is a fantastic location if you have an idleback chair and a hernia. One of the previous I have, so laying for long periods can be very uncomfortable. I did have a good play at the game show with oneand really liked the chair, very well thought out and I would love one. Not so sure about the price. Well actually it is on my shopping list but have one or two other things to get first.

    Now if idleback would like to give me a discount for promoting their product I will be happy to buy one . Now where was I?

    So lying on the grass enjoying the evening (ignoring my hernia) a couple of bunnies came out, one within about 15 feet. Comes dashing out of the undergrowth then skids to a stop and freezes as it realises that he isn’t alone. You can almost see the brain going “Crap, crap crap, now what do I do? I know! I will stand still and they will not realise that I am here. Crap, crap crap.”

    He was safe, I flippin missed. If he had been 50 yards away he would have been dinner but 15 feet? Complete and utter miss. DOH!!!!
    My mate, once he gets over his sniggering fit, (think it is a result of pollen allergy) starts scanning around. The light is starting to go down and he says; “See those 3 bushes?................... Are they moving?................................. We both reached for the binos……………………

    Sure enough, 3 Munties. Doe, mature fawn and a Buck. 350 yards away merrily grazing and mooching. My mate, who is mentoring me and is helping me and my stalking, you know the one who let me build a twin highseat so he can help me get some kills so I can get signed off, goes; “Right, I’m off to get me a muntie, WHOHOO; seeze ya.”

    B*****D, thinks I. I watched him stalk along the hedgeline keeping low to get within range. He got in position and I watched where he was aiming through the binos. I could see he was aiming for the buck so I focused on him. Shot rings out and the buck went straight down. I saw the dust from his coat billow out from the impact. On the one hand I am thinking “Great shot” and on the other hand I am thinking “My 243 is in the back of the car, prat”

    Now after the impact the doe ran about 20 yards in fright “Oh my God, they killed Kenny, that is terrible, where will I live, what will I do? Oh look, Grass, my favourite, yum yum.” She proceeded to go back to munching. I was amazed. I swung the binos back to my mate to see what he was going to do. He was watching her. He twisted around and gave me a wave to come over. So I started to creep over about 150 yards to get to him. He handed me his rifle and said “your turn.”


    The muntie had moved off a ways so I had to go after her to get her into a decent range. I regularly shoot my mates rifles so I know how he sets them up. I stalked down a tractor track and lay down. But the vegetation was too high either side of me and obscured my view and I daren’t try to get any closer as I was afraid I would be spotted. I had to keep getting up on my knees to have a see how she was moving as they don’t seem to stop for very long so I decided to wait till she walked across and into the opening where the tractor track went. It was quite good as it gave me a chance to stop concentrating on moving and concentrate on breathing and get that back under control. I used to do a lot of diving and one of the things you need to be aware of is breathing rates and exertion. Being stuck at 30 meters with no air is not a good thing.
    I had a last look on my knees. I could see she was moving across and would be in my line of fire shortly. I lay back down, checked everything was right, looked through the scope safety off and in to view she came. 112 yards and down she went.

    After Gralloching, getting something to eat, and skinning and jointing the pair. I finally managed to get home to bed at 3am. Albeit a very happy man who was no longer a Bambi Virgin.

    I can now change my status to that of a man who knows absolutely everything about stalking. . What do you need to know???

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    cracking job! well done that man. Thanks for a good read

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    good write up, very entertaining
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    cracking tale glad you lost the virgin title lol and good looking highseat

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    Well done and great write up, look forward to reading more! even better due to new marvel phone which allows me to read this while at work and getting paid for it! (all machines programmed set and running ) more time to go stalking ! well done to your mentor and mate , without whom their would be no story.

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    Genius, love it! Looking forward to many more tales from TSS.

    Nice pair of munties.


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