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Thread: Two Rifles of the same calibre.

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    Two Rifles of the same calibre.

    Does anyone out there have two rifles of the same caibre on their certificate? I am in the process of applying for a variation to purchase another rifle in .204 to dedicate too night vision so that I don't have to keep re zeroing my present rifle. Is this a goood enough reason?

    Thanks, Tony

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    Cant see why it wouldn't be.


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    Yes and yes.

    If you can justify it by 'good reason' - and yours appears good enough - then carry on.

    I once had 4 x .308 of my own and shared use of another on my FAC and the FLD didn't have an issue.

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    I've had my .223 rebarrelled to a .204 and asked for 223 to be left on for nightvision. They are similar cartridge and was told not a problem. So you shouldn't have a problem. That was lancs

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    I have two .243 on mine one is used for N/V


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    Thanks Guys, for the speedy replies, spoke to the FEO he didn't see a problem but you know what it's like it has got to get past them in the office. Posting this afternoon so we will see what happens!

    Cheers Tony

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    Hopefully you won't have a problem again depends on your force, I had two calibres the same on my ticket not NV but one was my own and one was the estate rifle, I got it eventually but they were not to keen at first suggested I replace my own rifle with another full bore of a different calibre this would not have been a problem, however I did not wish to do this and after some debate I did get it.

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    bogtrotter, I suppose I could have asked for a different calibre but couldn't see the point. This way I don't have to buy and store yet another calibre of ammo as I already have .22 .17 and .204 and I don't have to increase my allocation for the .204. Lets hope they see it like I do.

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    believe it or not, but got lots of stick at renewal for two 6.5x55's (and no, not because of the calibre!) by L&B...couldn't see why it was necessary, but gave-in in the end.

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    PKL, what did you give them as good reason?

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