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Thread: blaser R93 25-06 test group

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    blaser R93 25-06 test group

    just thought i'd put up a picture of a group shot yesterday from my new (second hand) R93 barrel (lightweight) which i recently had screwcut 1/2" unf and wears a T4 moderator.

    the picture is a 1" target dot and the two holes on the right were shots 1 and 3, taken with the moderator on and the hole on the left was shot 2 taken with the mod off.

    the load for the 100gn ballistic tip is my friends estste rifle load which sends them out at 3000fps from my rifle and is 49gn h4350 which is below book minimum. i am getting some obturation. the bullet it seated .296" from the ogive to the lands due to the magazine restriction (the same round was .010 off in my last r93 of this calibre, chambering in this barrel is much longer).

    the target was shot at 200y from a bipod with no rear bag. scope swarovski 8 x 56

    not bad eh? and no i'm not selling it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sell it quickly. It's the only thing you can do to save yourself from unrestrained pride!

    Nice, Dude.~Muir

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    Wish I could manage the same with Nosler 100gn BT through my K95. The best I've managed with them is an unreliable .75" MOA at 100 yards with a standard OAL cartridge @ 3.155".
    I just cannot find a sweet spot & load that works with the 100gn BT .
    Don't know what your barrel length is, but mines 20.5" with 1 in 10 twist.

    My load with Sierra Prohunter 100gn gives me 3310fps avg. & 1/4" MOA always consistent as long as I don't wobble! - It's a good load & I use it all the time, but I thought the better co-eff of the Nosler would give a flatter trajectory. Anyway, I'm going to give the Nosler 110gn Accubond a try over the coming two weeks & see how they go.

    By the way, Hodgdon website gives H4350 @ 47gn min & 50gn max, COAL 3.200"
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    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    The importance of reading the right book- nosler manuel starts 49.5 and goes to 53.5. Watch the mike norris video he loads at 54.5 which works well in my rifle. But he is naughty for going over max.....

    Ps. I want your K95! Wonder if it would shoot same poi moderated???

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    Hmm..dont use a moderator Gary never have & probably never will. Don't use a bipod either as the sling hook is on the barrel on a K95. Wobble a lot though !!
    I load H4350 @ 53gns....but my OAL is extended at 3.324 with the Sierra bullet..Good performance though.
    & no you can't have my K95!
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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