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    Ph 009

    So last weekend was quarterly rifle cleaning and zero-check + 5 shot re-fouling session for my .243. This time I decided to simplify my life and use only the PH009 for cleaning the bore. Wetted a patch and ran through, no sign of copper. Dipped the bronze brush and ran through barrel 6 times. patched out to remove deposits, then re-wetted a patch with PH009 and patched out till dry again.

    checked Zero whilst re-fouling with 5 shots. Interestingly the S&B in Warne mounts needed 3 clicks up and one left from 100yds, putting the last 3 rounds through the same hole.

    Job done for another 3 months - siiiiimples

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    I tend too keep a bottle with enough to dip the brush in and just brush with a 009 wetted bronze brush then leave to sit a while, 20 mins or so, then patch out and repeat.. it's kept my bores clean for many years. Tis a simple but seemingly effective way to clean.

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