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Thread: M14 x 1 .30 calibre muzzle brake wanted

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    M14 x 1 .30 calibre muzzle brake wanted

    Before I commission a slinky spiral one specially from Mr Norris, I thought I'd check if anyone had a .30 cal' muzzle brake in M14x1 threading lurking about, which they may want to sell? I need one for my Sako .300WM so I don't have to lug a dirty great moderator up and down the Irish hills in my current dodgy state of health...

    I will be wearing in-ear hearing protectors and no one will be sitting in close proximity, so no worries about deafness or anti-social behaviour . Hopefully the Sika won't mind either, as they'll either be entranced by my superb whistling or be busy falling over dead.

    PM me if you have a brake to sell.



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    I would just order one from Mike and listen is words of wisdom about the world.Money well spent i say.

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    The trouble is, I'll end up spending a fortune on all the other little jobs that need doing and talking myself into various 'essential' purchases if I allow myself to be lured to The Buttery - tweaking the .300's trigger, sorting the threading and crown on the .22, buying a batch of new .270 cases, stocking up on .224 VMax etc, etc. Plus Mike will ply me with fruitcake and I'm on a diet.

    The Brock & Norris helical brake is a bit special, no - must stay strong!

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